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EA81: need oversized pistons .020

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Keep an eye on Flea-Bay and the other parts cites. You may get lucky and see come up for sale.

I've heard of people boring up these EA81 engines to accept the 2.0 pistons from the EJ20 engines. Those piston and ring sets would be easier to find... hopefully someone more we'll versed will chime in on that...

@ivans imports



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I spoke with Ivan over on one of the Facebook Subaru forums. He says he used the 2.0 pistons in one of his EA71 engines, the sister engine of the EA81.

If it works in that application it should work in yours.

It may not be the news you want to hear; but you will have to do more homework, sourcing, and more machine work if you go that route.

Or if this is a side project, put it on the back burner until you can find the correct size pistons and rings for EA81...

You already put the short block together... you determined with feeler gages that the pistons are now too small? Or the shop told you that they went .020 over?

Also more news you may not want to hear; you may want to try a different machine shop next time... somewhere along the line there was miscommunication on someone's part, either you or them or both were unsure what was going on. And you said that they lost parts of yours, sounds like somebody was unorganized...

I wish you the best in this project and hope you don't have too much $$ sunk into this or need this vehicle as primary transport

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They what ??!!

My understanding is that rather than bore to a standard measurement say a known size for our 92.00mm bore or piston size plus the oversize requested/required - boring really only done to match pistons supplied so they can be measured up and IF any slight change be made to suit them.

I have a few spare sets of new, oversize pistons in storage um...down under....

The pistons normally bought in past twenty years are marked as EA71/81/82 so are a one piston part number does the three generations delivering a compromise compression ratio I suppose between NA MPFI/carb and spfi - I suppose.

My sets were sourced based on EA71 1600cc in order to build higher compression EA82. istons have a flat top, no dish, no recess, no room for broken timing belt ...


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