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Legacy springs on Outback struts - Lift?


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Picked up a '97 Legacy L Wagon for cheap to fix the engine. Has a 150K miles.

It needs struts and I can buy cheap KYB's on Rockauto or Ebait for the OB, AND I'll be able to run a bigger tire (but just the stock-ish - 205/70R15 or 215/60R16). 

Will the Legacy Springs on the OB Struts provide any lift?   



Tangent: I put a 215/60r16 Forester spare on my Legacy and it clears the front and rear lower strut perch, but the back is close - both the top and inside of the tire. 


Also, I'd usually just buy the complete strut assemblies from the local PullNSave yard, but have had bad luck w/those as they all have a ton of miles. 

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the lego springs dont give any lift at all the outback strut has more traval than the lego strut and the spring is bigger

the outback spring on a lego strut will be close to full exstension of the strut a lego spring on a outback strut will be at the bottom of the struts traval you would.bottom out alot like that

the best lift was outback struts with forester springs but the differance was maybe a 1/2 " at most not worth the extra work or exspence

the outback struts give the lego about 1 1/2" of lift a bit more on the impreza but not a true 2" lift 

note our 03 lego with 2" lift left the rear alignment out of specks we had to buy white racing adjustable rear links to keep the rear from eating tires not a big deal you could also use the drop brackets from the outback to keep the rear alignment in specks

xt springs are stiffer than standerd outback springs and the 6 cylinder springs should be stiffer than those

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