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Original showing wear at 165K

Pretty rusty and crusty here in the salty northeast

checked my local SOA dealer and they don't sell rotors?? 

anyway was just comparing prices

any suggestions for modest priced options?

i have autozone and advanced auto nearby. Anyone have decent experience with their house brand offerings?

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35 minutes ago, nvu said:

get zinc coated rotors, centric gcx ones are nice, but any coated rotors are fine.


got the following: zinc coated Raybestos 980354FZN - Rear Element3 Fusion Coated Disc Brake Rotor for 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited

"used like new" from Amazon warehouse for $20.75 each delivered free returns

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10 hours ago, moosens said:

Note to Jim: I’m done with Perkins. Don’t even think I’ll use the website and won’t mention it now in protest.


John and Anthony were a pleasure to deal with. Days gone by. 

Good luck with your parts acquisitions going forward. 

note to self... don't piss off the Moose


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