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ignition switch '84 brat

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How hard is it to replace one? I think I have heard horror storys about swappinig new ones in. Can they be bought (from Subaru, anywhere?)

The brat went into the shop for a front end shimmy,and the mechanic somehow fouled up the switch.I knew it was going out, so I used to leave the key in it, and locked the doors. (crime here isn't too bad). Now it is sitting on the curb really dead in the water. For now does anyone have a tip to hot wire it so I can move it?

Damn,the double whammy!

PS: %&^***$$$$$,motor mounnts aren't cheap!

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I haven't had to mess with my ignition switch (yet), but I used to work with a glass company that had a locksmith department in it. When they had to rekey a car, they had to take the ignition switch out and take it apart. Maybe they might have another ig switch or at least they may be able to give you instructions on what you can do in the meantime. Be prepared to show them proof of ownership ofthe vehicle or they will just shine you on ( for obvious reasons). Good luck.

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take off the plastic surrounds from around the steering column, then there are 2 small screwes that hold the ignition switch to the key/lock. remove them, then you can use a flat screw driver to turn the switch.


I've always just swapped columns out, but this last time I did remove the lock. it wasn't too bad. I think ShawnW posted something about needing a thin wrench, and a little patience :)


be sure to have a replacement ready when you pull the lock though, as it also serves as the support for the column with Tilt...


very interesting steering a vehicle with out it :)

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Warning, if you start your car with the screwdriver make sure your column isn't locked before you speed off down the road:burnout:


I just did two of these.


Pull the steering wheel,

the column covers,

the combination switch,

release the cables for the tilt,

now you have plenty of room to get at the two bolts on top, there are two on the bottom also.


Nothing hard about it, I found the key is unhooking those cables, they are easy to get back on and then you can easily access those bolts.

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