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the family low rider as it looks today.  not much different than when i bought it in 2006.  it's just a driver.  Original 283, 700r4, 70's gm front disc brakes, an affordable aluminum radiator, electric fan, super smooth stock suspension and its done.   :D








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98 forester

96 legacy outback

99 impreza

98 jeep wrangler

09 honda crv for the lady.


Really have my eye on the 67 ford f100 shortbed at my grandfather's house. Siting i. the woods begging for a 302 and a crown vic front end conversion for a tough shop truck

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93 Dodge with 12 valve.Guaged, exhausted:), and stock suspensioned. 160 some thousand miles.Pull your house over. No spoob.

53 Willys overland wagon. All stock. Missing the seats. I know where they are. Could be all ooriginal. Gonna happen.

98 OBS. Bent , in all kinds of bad ways.Fuckt

08 Nissan Rogue LS. Moonroof, AWD , 47k, Want leather interior.LOL


Subara tube chassis setup for ej suspension up front, solid axle out back, Ej motor, D/R transmission, Suzuki transfercase

85 Toyota truggy

Fixin to trry and race it. Gonna need a new suspension SOON.lol

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