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  1. [HTi]Johnson

    EA82 ECU experimenting

    Oh man. Very interesting. Following this.
  2. [HTi]Johnson

    $150 EA Series Front and Rear Bumper (EDIT)

    If you mean a Hatch, yes, i have them.
  3. [HTi]Johnson

    Fuel Relay?

    Isn't it behind the lower left kick panel?
  4. [HTi]Johnson

    Another ? About 4x140's

    I don't believe there's any 8 lug that will work. If there is, someone's hiding it. I would say %99 of people who have swapped to a 5 speed have not done the 5 lug swap. The increase in torque is negligible.
  5. Is there a fuel filter by the fuel tank, near the fuel pump?
  6. [HTi]Johnson

    wagon trailers

    I believe the XT6 guy was named Eric or Ken, he was from Eugene. I think the video is MIA due to forum transitions and I posted it before google bought youtube...that long ago.
  7. [HTi]Johnson

    wagon trailers

    I have video of that somewhere...he rolled up from Eugene with his family in the car...haha
  8. Did you do the timing belts right? I've done them and had the passenger side 180 degrees off. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZG1p70E4VXc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. Jealous of you guys and your EJ Dual Range boxes!
  10. [HTi]Johnson

    wagon trailers

    I've seen them at WCSS... probably 10 years ago, I'm just looking for pics
  11. [HTi]Johnson

    wagon trailers

    Hasn't someone converted an ea82 wagon into a towable camper type trailer? My searches have found nothing. Anyone have pics?
  12. [HTi]Johnson

    Head Trauma, inc. Bumpers, Racks, Guards

    Shameless Bump
  13. [HTi]Johnson

    EA Series Bumpers

    Www.headtraumainc.com I still make bumpers and the goods for Subarus.
  14. What do you guys/gals think of this? People were interested in my EA style roof racks...thought I'd fit them to the Outback.
  15. Hello all, I need someone (close to Eugene, OR) with an EA81 wagon that can test fit and sort of review a new version of a bumper I'm going to build. Must be an EA81 Wagon. PM me Thanks!