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  1. Just curious, could I get a legacy MC on an ea81 without changing the booster?
  2. SubieBrat

    Brat Bed Speakers

    I cant remember, what the brand was, it was very easy to do though. napa sells it. The speakers though are still in theyre start phase im gonna see what the cost on acrylic is for a more seamless look as well as a pop kind of look also how did you post the pic up? I cant remember how to do it?
  3. SubieBrat

    Brat Bed Speakers

    I did think about that and they are mounted in those. i made some replacement panels, but im going to get some acrylic panels made. Anyways here are some pics, the first few are of the speakers, need some refinement, still gonna fidle with them a bit be before theyre final. https://www.flickr.com/photos/131737048@N06/ (cant remember how to post pics on here) help appreciated
  4. SubieBrat

    Brat Bed Speakers

    I lll try and get some pics up soon
  5. I installed speaker in the removable side panels yesterday. sound great, so my big question now is, would there be an interest in these if I were to make kits and sell them? Kits would include: Marine water resistant speakers Replacement acrylic panels mounting hardware to mount to the acrylic How much would you spend on something like this?
  6. SubieBrat

    Anderson Design & Fabrication

    Do you have one that fits and 05 baja? or does it fall in the new EJ category? My friend wants to lift his Baja and saw the lift on the 04 silver turbo foz from last week and he told us about your lifts
  7. SubieBrat

    Projector Headlights in Brat

    I know you said you have to change your projectors, but do you have any recommendations? and what headlights do you run with those?
  8. SubieBrat

    ej to ea adaptor plates $90.00 ea.

    Do you have a picture of them with the new design? I have an EA81 so I need to the pitch stop mount of to the side
  9. Has anyone every put some projector headlights in a Brat? thinking about upgrading to HIDs. not to worried about power draw because I an EJ swap, but just want to know what your experiences are with them.
  10. since the 86 never got them mine are just welded to some steel flat sheet and bolted to the bed
  11. SubieBrat

    85 Brat mind of its own ?

    id say upgrade time my hitachi did the same thing. went weber and never looked back.... then the motor gave six months later....
  12. It would cause a leak but shouldn't cause that much of leak
  13. SubieBrat

    Ej Swap Stalling

    Ok thanks Gloyale. I'll get that hooked up soon then.
  14. SubieBrat

    Ej Swap Stalling

    Ok so I have a 96 legacy motor and harness in my 86 brat and when I down shift and use the engine to slow it down it stalls when i come to a complete stop. Usually stalls long before it stops. it directly bypasses idle and just dies. Is this because I don't have the speed sensor hooked up? I didn't have this problem with the motor in my other Brat with the same engine and harness and the sensor was hooked up. Just wanna make sure if theres anything else i need to look into before I tear my Shelf out to connect it, I need to do it anyways so that my gas mileage will improve.
  15. SubieBrat

    '86 lifted Brat

    Can you put a link up to one. When i searched it i got was replacement relays