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  1. snaker


    Fxt sti lowering springs sti hood scoop Cobb turbo back exhaust Dyno tune sti rear sway bar sti bbs wheels whiteline rear strut tower brace sit short throw shift kit
  2. Manual Trans is the way to go in any used car.. Auto's will always have some kind of stupid problem. Manuals are 99% bulletproof. I'd opt for a WRx wagon or hatch.
  3. Everything in Australia has a massive bumper guard. codswalloping Kangaroos. Always ruining the day.
  4. snaker

    15 Crosstrek

    I test drove one and the lack of power frustrated the spoob out of me. my wife ended up with the legacy.
  5. snaker

    Mammoth 04 Fozz XT

  6. snaker

    2011 WRX

    See attached...
  7. snaker


    My 07 FXT
  8. I'm about to get an 04 STi top mount intercooler from a buddy & want to know what factory subaru turbo I should upgrade to. I heard the one on the 2011 Sti is good but want more insight.
  9. snaker

    04 STi Brembos on 07 FXT

    I just got a set of 04 STi Brembos from a buddy & plan on putting them on my 07 Fxt. I have his rotors, hardware and calipers / pads. Am I missing anything?
  10. What do the different colors mean on the side mirror LED's on a 2015 Legacy that come on when you press the unlock button? Sometimes it's white, other times it's green or blue. Nothing in the manual says why? Someone please enlighten me...
  11. Hi, New to this forum, but member of subaruforester.org & hailing from DE with 07 FXT, 11 WRX & 15 Legacy. My apologies for spelling error, I was drunk. and am now waaaaaaaay drunker!!!