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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! I'm new to the forum, and hoping to learn a bit about 1st generation Subaru Legacys. I currently own an '01 Outback L.L. Bean, and have begun to look into acquiring a second car. I'm looking for a car I can modify, and have some fun with. The 1st generation turbo Legacy is appealing. My questions are: *What are common problems I should be on the look for when buying? *Does anyone have a suggested price range? *Any maintenance that should be done as soon as I get the car? (Aside from basics - fluids, belts, etc.) *Any fun modifications anyone can recommend? I have some light mechanical experience with my L.L. Bean, and I want to learn more. *Any and all information/links/files are all appreciated. Thank you!
  2. My dog was in my 2012 Impreza Hatchback 2.0l yesterday and a pretty serious thunderstorm rolled through. I was doing some plumbing work in my friend's basement and only heard a couple rumbles. I guess it was pretty serious, though. This was the aftermath. Any thoughts on my options for seat repair? The damage seems pretty isolated to the main seat cushion... would it be possible to cut the damaged area out, insert new foam, and reupholster? If so, any ideas on where to get interior fabric? I know 2012 Imprezas introduced the electrostatic detection system for the airbag. Does that seriously limit my options of going to a junkyard and seeing if I could find a compatible seat?
  3. What car would you buy? Criteria: $10,000 - $12,000 to spend (maximum of 15k if worth it) AWD (west Michigan roads get pretty awful in winter) Cargo space enough for two short and thin people to sleep in 20+ mpg highway Must survive 4-6 years of daily driving + light "two track" offroading Do I need to worry about rumors of reoccurring head gasket leaks? How do I avoid them? What model? What year and what mileage would you aim for? Hello friends, I just registered with your fine internet community to receive some advice. Pretend you're me, complete with a long and pointy red beard. You finally payed off your 2008 Wrangler Rubicon 4-door and want to either trade-in or sell it privately. You know you could get at least 12-15k for it. You could get closer to 20k if you spent 3k in cosmetic and minor mechanical repairs. So you figure you have a comfortable 12k to work with in your quest to find a AWD car with enough cargo space to accommodate a double size memory foam pad for you and your smokin' hot petite wife to "sleep" on when camping. You're just 5' 8" and that's alright because that's above the average male height in Ireland so all of those 6ft+ tall Americans that made you feel so insecure in High School are just a bunch of freaks with disproportionately sized genitalia being most probable. You would know because you do nursing work and have had intimate contact with hundreds of samples. You just remembered to stay on point and that you probably just crossed the line between a lighthearted request for help and an obnoxious attempt to be funny. You decide to make bullet points for the people that chose wisely and skipped your paragraph of nonsense and narcissism. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance to anyone that may reply! Serious and sarcastic replies are welcome. Nothing wrong with a little fun.
  4. Hi everyone, I have a problem with 2015 Legacy 2.5i. I bought this car a month ago and now the mileage is 800. Recently, I heard noise when moving when starting the car and shifting the select lever from "P" to "R". In the past, the sound of a P-to-R shift is muffled, like knocking two pieces of wood, Recently, however, it sounds sharp, like knocking two pieces of metal occasionally. Is there anything wrong?
  5. So today I decided to replace the shoes on my rear drum brakes on my Loyale. I've been looking for rear discs for about a year, but not had any luck. Either I don't have the money, there are no junkyard cars, or a list of other reasons. I just spent the $20 and got new drum shoes. Installation went fine (surprising). Wasn't too difficult, even for my first time doing drum brakes. What I have a question about is the old shoes. One thing that caught my eye was the Fuji Heavy Industries logo on two of the shoes. Could these be the original brake shoes that came with car in 1990? The new shoes didn't have the Fuji logo (obviously). The odometer is at 278,300 miles. I doubt these are the original shoes. I'd imagine they've been replaced once before. If they were replaced at the dealership, could they have use Fuji brake shoes? I'm just curious about this. Knowing some of the car's history, I'd say it was probably a 60/40 highway/city driving car. So there's no way the shoes are original, right? They're really worn down, but they still worked. Lift the back of the car, step on the brake, and you can't turn the wheels. Second thing I wanted to ask about is the wear. The leading edge shoe (towards the front of the car) had less material than the trailing edge. Is this normal for EA82s? Both sides were exactly the same, no marks on the drums themselves, and the material on the pads seems pretty normal (no cracks or whatever). I just wanted to ask about this. I kinda have a feeling it's normal, but wanted to check. Thanks for any help. I know a lot of people do rear disc swaps, so not sure how abundant the information on drums is. But all I can say is, the new shoes made a HUGE difference. My brake pedal is a lot stiffer and doesn't have a deadzone in it anymore. I presume the front brakes won't overheat easily anymore. I'll be happy if I can get at least 100K out of these shoes. Thanks!