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  1. Have a older replacement copper/brass job, near new, a few cosmetic blems. Available. Would imagine anything available now is aluminum with plastic tanks.
  2. Ok - that seems to indicate that the "carryover" Loyales used the earlier tank.
  3. www.subaruparts.com - shows some pre '95 parts still available.
  4. Spectra Premium? Rock Auto? I have a cleaned Wagon tank, it is in my Classifieds Ads Dave S southern NM
  5. I have a flushed / cleaned tank from an '89 wagon. sender/float is clean. Research seems to be that it fits '87 to '89 only. Any reason why this same setup wasn't used in the "carry-over" '90 - '94 Loyale Wagon models?
  6. Yours gone, or trashed? I've got an '89 wagon, I'd be willing to sell Drivers seat, but doubt it matches your fabrics. Dave S
  7. Not trying to Hi-Jack, but have an '89 Wagon 650 miles south, in Las Cruces NM area. 5 speed 4 x 4. Weathered paint and sun damaged interior plastics, vinyls, etc. Very Clean underneath. Maybe both of these Cars can be put together? Will Sell it for $400 without the Engine and Five Speed or $600 with. With All remaining '85 - '94 Compatible parts - $1000. There is a Title.
  8. Have a clean Block for rebuilding and a lot of New rebuild parts - gaskets, timing belts, etc. Willing to ship I've built Crates before. Dave S southern New Mexico
  9. If you had had this vehicle 24 plus months ago, the local yard had several donors that could have been cut up. But they crushed out in Oct '20. Closed. Done. The pick a parts down in El Paso do not allow saws, for most part, and to most individuals. Liability issues. And these cars have dried up, even down here.
  10. "73 Green coupe "Leone"? currently on BaT. Appears to be a near full restoration. Missing some interior plastics. Runs and Drives. Still under $5000 I have no idea of the value of these. Roseburg OR location stated.
  11. Yep it's all about location. Have had this wagon in Denver Craigslist for over 18 months, and still haven't gotten someone to come down and scoop it up. Excellent parts vehicle. Southern New Mexico location. For most, that is about the same as "off the end of the earth" lol
  12. I was going to offer you this body for $500. Have a clear title. Glad you got yours back. Yep this car is in southern New Mexico, off the end of the earth. No enthusiast base for these cars here, they all drive new ones.
  13. I have an '89 parts wagon. 4WD. It has the five speed in it. Engine is already out. Willing to ship this, if you set it up.
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