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Found 6 results

  1. Meet Harold, our 1984 GL wagon. Highly original survivor originally from New Mexico. Dual range four speed, ea81 with a Weber.
  2. This may have been covered before and I just missed it, so if I did someone please just point me in the right direction... but I have been searching the forms for the past two hours and have come up with not a lot. So anyways, I was wondering what everyones favorite gear oils/lubes are for the EA81 4 speed trannys. So far it looks like Amsoil is a good choice from what I have read. I was hoping to be able to find something a little cheaper that I can get off the shelf that would work nearly as well. I know JesZek loves Motul 80W-90, but from what I have found online that stuff is insanely expensive for my thin wallet. Although Im sure it works like wonders. Has anyone tried Royal Purpel's 75W-90 synchromax? I know its just about as spendy as Amsoil, but I am curious if anyone has any experience with it so we can compare. Right now I am running the walmart supertech 75W-90 and i want to get something a little higher quality in there so I can make this little tranny last.. and shift easier in the winter months 5-speeders are more than welcome to give their experience as well! As so far it looks like they take the same oil/lube as the 4spds...
  3. My brother got a relatively clean GL wagon with a great running 1600, but the Tranny threw a tooth the exploded through the case. I have been searching around on forums and junkyards and this tranny is getting hard to come by. Anybody have or know where to find a donor T71W transmission I might make work? I done need dual range or any of that I am jsut trying to make a good looking, good running throwback machine. Cheers, Axel
  4. I have an 1983 gl (ea81/4speed tranny) and was wondering if the 5 speed tranny from an 1989 (ea82) would fit? I know about the normal modifications for a 5 speed swap. I was mostly wondering if the year difference would affect the swap...
  5. Hey there guys and gals, I am the proud owner of a 1986 2 dr FWD Hatchback with 122K on the car. I bought it from its original owner so most of the original parts that came with it are starting to wear out and require routine matience. I'm working on my clutch and I am looking for a replacement flywheel seeing as the one I have currently installed has already been machined once and I always plan ahead for the unexpected. The only problem I have is that this part is hard to come by. The issue is that I have one of the rare FWD only models that was just sort of thrown together at the end of the model year from leftover parts to create a sellable product. Subaru stopped manufacturing the car model in 1984, but kept selling the vehicles with a new model year on them until they ran out. As a result, I've run into my share of issues when tracking down parts and have spent many a weekend in the wrecking yards tracking down old donor cars to keep my old gal running. I need the 7 in diameter flywheel. Seeing as not many FWD models were really made and still exist, there is very little demand for and no after market manufacturer for this part. All of the flywheels I've found are the 8 in flywheels that are designed for the 1800 class engine that was primarially put into the 4WD models that came shortly after my model year. I'm fairly confident that I can sand the glazing off of the flywheel with my grinder, seeing as it isn't gouged or warped in any way. However, while it may not be an issue now, in the future if I can't find a replacement flywheel for my engine I may be forced to make a conversion over to the 4WD Dual Range, which might force me to have to upgrade to the larger engine. If anyone has this part or has any advice on what sort of transplanting/frankensteining I can do to solve this issue, please don't hesitate to message me. If there are any other models that carry a flywheel that might be compatible then let me know so that I might broaden my search.
  6. Just bought a 2nd Generation 1988 Subaru GL 3 door hatchback 4 speed manual transmission with dual range (4 hi, 4 lo) with an EA81 engine. I've been searching this forum, but haven't found alot of info regarding the benefits of swapping my 4 speed manual for a 5 speed? There are alot of posts about swapping an automatic for a 5 speed, but that doesn't help me. The main reason I'm interested in doing this is I do alot of freeway driving, and I go about 65-70, which puts my rpms in the 3000-3200 range. I know that's not great for the engine, and I want this engine to last. I read on one post where a person said by swapping to a 5 speed, it lowered the rpms by 500 while highway driving. Is that true? I wanted more confirmation than 1 person before considering this. Are the gear ratios the same, or will I be able to be at a lower rpm going 65-70 if I swap to a 5 speed? What does a swap involve if I'm going from the 4 to 5 speed? I read that they made them in 5 speed with the EA 81 engine those same years, mine just happened to have a 4 speed manual. Can anyone confirm it that's true, Wikipedia isn't always correct. I would think it would be easier to find a 5 speed transmission from an EA 81 than EA 82 if that's the case..... Thanks for your help and replies!
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