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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I got my 85 FrankinSoob GL with EJ22 swap. I have a few questions about some future build plans. Rather than have a bunch of posts I thought I'd only compile one. So here it goes A) Has anyone played with the gearing in the stock EA 5speed with the dual range? I really like this transmission, but it doesn't quite have the gearing for today's highway speeds. I want to lengthen the ratios for 4 and 5 to where I can cruise at 80 comfortably. Or is it just best to do the trans swap? B)Does anyone know the weight difference between the EJ and EA flywheels? I want to lighten the EA flywheel a little bit to get higher rpm without harming the engine. But also not enough to loose a substantial amount of low end torque. I read a build thread that mentioned using the XT flywheel, but finding one of those in my area might be a little hard. C) Lifting? I want to do a small suspension lift but preferably don't want to lift the body. What's the max height you can go before the CVs are at to much of an angle to cause damage? I found an old GL at the local UPull that looked to have a 4in suspension lift with a 3in body lift. But that's a little more than I desire. Thanks for reading!!! If you have answers please I would love to hear. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I know this question has been asked a lot on this forum however I aim to do as much research as possible into everything I do so I get it right the first time. I am on a fairly tight budget and would like to know a few things. 1. Will I be able to use the ej18 intake runners on the ej22 P2 block to get it to work 2. Will I be able to use the ej18 flywheel and clutch on the ej22 for the time being 3. Will the transmissions bolt up or will I need to install a different transmission 4 can I just get rid of the knock sensor and it (ej22) run fine Kind regards~Abid
  3. Hey folks, I'm trying to get some ideas to help diagnose my shifting woes. About ten years ago I swapped in an EA82 D/R 5 speed into my EA81T wagon using EA82 clutch parts and EA81 pedal parts. It shifted decently, but shifting into reverse was usually a little grindey if you were too quick. The clutch cable clevis and clevis pin were SEVERLY worn, and I thought that replacing these parts could help alleviate my shifting troubles. Fast forward to August 2014. I've refurbished the wagon to use in my wedding and have installed the following parts: Lightened EA82 flywheel (with shims for the bolts), XT6 clutch kit, a NOS EA81 MT pedal bracket, NOS clutch pedal & clevis pin, NOS EA81 clutch cable. Unfortunately, the shifting/clutching has become even worse. I have almost ALL the free play adjusted out of the clutch system (I left maybe 1-2mm for thermal expansion) and yet, I can barely get the shifter into gear. If the car is at a dead stop, I have to shut off the engine before shifting into first gear or reverse, or heel-toe into first coming up to a stop sign (Accompanied by a bang and judder as the shifter is forced into gear). I'm worried that my lightened flywheel may now be too thin, or my clutch release fork might be bent/damaged. Does anyone have any ideas to help fix this?
  4. I have a 5 speed manual front wheel drive ea81 that I am wanting to fit an ej22 into. Here are the options I am looking at: FWD Impreza transmission: I read that the impreza ej22 fwd transmissions are 23 spline and so are the hubs of the ea81 cars. I also read that to use an ej22 transmission, I could use the front and rear crossmember pieces out of an xt6 and the center one out of a wrx. If so, are they a direct bolt in? And what year wrx would I be looking at? And is all of this possible? Is there any way I could fabricate some sort of crossmember or modify the original one to fit an ej transmission with just a drill and an angle grinder? Reusing my stock transmission: With these parts, would they mate up together? -ea81 clutch -Flywheel redrilled to the ej pattern -xt6 pressure plate. (I don't know if I have to get another throwout bearing or if I can reuse the one that's in there). -Adapter plate since the shaft of the ea transmission is longer than the ej transmission. Ea82 transmission: Readily available and really cheap. From what I understand they are pretty similar to the ea81 transmissions too, and I can pick one up with significantly lower miles than my current one for pretty cheap so I'd be willing to do it if it's not too complicated. The thing is that my stock transmission has 250000 miles on it, so I was planning on replacing it anyways and I'd have to pay $400 for a redrilled flywheel and adapter plate from sjr since I don't have any good machining tools. I was thinking that for that price I could just get a fwd ej transmission, am I right?
  5. Hey guys im currently doing a clutch replacement and since it has over 200k miles on it i just bought a new flywheel from Napa and i didnt notice that it was missing the center piece where there has 6-8 holes for the flywheel bolts...i'll upload pics down below. this flywheel has the center peice this flywheel does NOT have the center piece from napa.... Now my question is do i return it for a flywheel that has the center piece or am i suppose to buy the center piece and press it in? a quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again US community!
  6. Hey there guys and gals, I am the proud owner of a 1986 2 dr FWD Hatchback with 122K on the car. I bought it from its original owner so most of the original parts that came with it are starting to wear out and require routine matience. I'm working on my clutch and I am looking for a replacement flywheel seeing as the one I have currently installed has already been machined once and I always plan ahead for the unexpected. The only problem I have is that this part is hard to come by. The issue is that I have one of the rare FWD only models that was just sort of thrown together at the end of the model year from leftover parts to create a sellable product. Subaru stopped manufacturing the car model in 1984, but kept selling the vehicles with a new model year on them until they ran out. As a result, I've run into my share of issues when tracking down parts and have spent many a weekend in the wrecking yards tracking down old donor cars to keep my old gal running. I need the 7 in diameter flywheel. Seeing as not many FWD models were really made and still exist, there is very little demand for and no after market manufacturer for this part. All of the flywheels I've found are the 8 in flywheels that are designed for the 1800 class engine that was primarially put into the 4WD models that came shortly after my model year. I'm fairly confident that I can sand the glazing off of the flywheel with my grinder, seeing as it isn't gouged or warped in any way. However, while it may not be an issue now, in the future if I can't find a replacement flywheel for my engine I may be forced to make a conversion over to the 4WD Dual Range, which might force me to have to upgrade to the larger engine. If anyone has this part or has any advice on what sort of transplanting/frankensteining I can do to solve this issue, please don't hesitate to message me. If there are any other models that carry a flywheel that might be compatible then let me know so that I might broaden my search.
  7. Swapped tranny and rear diff in my 2003 Baja (EJ25) a couple years back. Installed a 5 speed from a 2003 WRX (EJ20). Also installed a lightweight flywheel. Clutch disintegrated on the highway thus week so the tranny is out again. Found the flywheel and pressure plate badly roasted. Flywheel was blue and warped like a potato chip. I'm ditching the flywheel and replacing with one from a 2003 Impreza (EJ25). Removed that flywheel without checking position of a timing mark. How do I time this replacement? What, if anything, is the correct alignment?
  8. Hi y'all, my first post here. I'm working on a 1993 2WD EFI Justy, replacing a flywheel with a bolt broken off in one of the pressure plate holes. For some reason, the MSRP on 1993 justy flywheels that I've seen on the internet is $260, putting the median price at most retailers at around $200. So my question involves two different potential solutions: 1. Whats the cross-compatibility on flywheels from other types (4WD) and years? Its possible that a similar flywheel sorted under a different part number may be cheaper but I'm unsure how well that would work in mine. 2. The other method involves pulling a flywheel out of a 4WD 93 Justy in a nearby junkyard. Obviously a bit more complicated than the 2WD with which I'm familiar. Went there yesterday to discover that it was all pretty approachable save for the mounting bracket which is tucked up between the crossbeam, the firewall, and the transaxle housing. If anyone has done work on one of these types and could recommend a way to get that thing off there without pulling the whole engine, I'd be pretty grateful. Thanks yall.
  9. After reading a bit on the forums I think I've found out there is an EA81 flywheel with 105 teeth and another with 115 teeth. Here's the story. I bought an EA81 from someone that was out of a BRAT, unknown year. I took it in and had it rebuilt at the machine shop. I used the flywheel that came with it and installed it all into my 81 GL 4x4 Wagon which supposedly has the tranny out of an 83 Wagon. When I try to start up the engine there is a wicked loud knocking sort of grind when it's trying to start up. What appears to be happening is the starter never disengages and keeps grinding against the flywheel. I've gnarled up the flywheel pretty bad, but I think technically it's probably still fine. I tried shimming the starter out with a couple of thick washers, but that doesn't help even remotely. I'll be counting the teeth tonight on both flywheels I have to see if there's a difference. However I'm a bit at my wits end because I've already had to pull this newly rebuilt engine once to have the engine shop fix something they messed up. A friend mentioned maybe changing out the bendix gear on the starter or getting a starter for the 105 tooth version. However I also read that the 115 tooth version is needed to drive all four wheels. Can anyone provide any more illumination? Thanks. Eli
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