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Found 6 results

  1. Uh hi, I drive an outback and this is my first time joining a forum ever
  2. August 9th, 2014 Rosland Park Edina, MN 4300 W 66th St, Edina, MN 55435 What: This meet is open to anyone in the group, feel free to bring friends and family along. This is being held in conjunction with Japanese Nostalgic Car and is open to anyone with a classic Japanese car or interest in classic Japanese cars. We are trying to grow the community here by intermingling between each other and meeting other people with classic Japanese cars, hard to believe that Legacys and SVXs are considered that. Officially a Japanese Nostalgic Car is any Japanese car made 25 years ago, for this purpose it is anything made prior to 1994, so feel free to come visit and show off your classic Japanese machine. Any car will be accepted but if the lot gets overfilled and you have a newer car you will be asked to make room for cars that qualify for collector plates in the state of MN (20 years or older). Location: The meet will be held at the back lot of Rosland park in Edina, Minnesota on Saturday, August, 9th. The meet will officially start at 11 am and end around 4 pm, there are grills for people to grill food, feel free to bring drinks and snacks. This is the same park as the Edina aquatic center, we are meeting in the back lot which is large enough to support 30 cars or so. There is also parking on the street near by and in the main lot, however I doubt it will get that busy. As this is a public park and will be open to the public please arrive on time or even early to guarantee a spot. Please set a good example of how car enthusiasts act, that being said... Now time for the rules: -THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY 100% NO TOLERANCE FOR HOONING, REVVING OR BURN OUTS. You will be removed from the event and the Minnesota EF Owners Club if you are a member, If you are on JNC or USMB I will ask the mods to block you. -Listen to the Admins of the show(the list will be growing soon). If we tell you not to do something don't make us tell you again. -No loud music, Edina is known as being nazis about this kind of thing, please set a good example of how car enthusiasts act. -Be respectful. Acting like a jack rump roast will get you kicked out in a hurry. I feel like I don't need to list off what disrespectful activity is but the short list is: parking like an idiot, being rude to others, leaving trash around, etc. -Have fun. This is an event to instigate comradery in our community and bring together people who wouldn't normally talk to each other. Please feel free the comment or PM me about this meet if you have questions. Below in a link to the Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/events/797013693672574/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_joined
  3. New Market Skills Center is hosting its annual Car Show on MAY 8th! We have decided to mix it up this year and try to have more variety. Rally cars, clean builds, and even wheelers are encouraged to attend! New market is an alternative high school. In addition to the car show we are also having an open house for our programs. If you aren't interested in the school side its totally fine to simply view the cars. Free burgers! Complete a tour book and insistently win a prize from one of many sponsors! If you would like to enter a car please call (360)470-0596 and ask about the car show. This is a student run event. Thank you everyone! https://www.facebook.com/newmarketskillscenteropenhouseandcarshow
  4. After going to the west coast subaru id really like to get together with other Old Gen Subaru lovers here in the NW. i see so many pages on facebook etc on the new gen (which are great and i love em) but i want to see all the Old gen rigs. Would anyone be want to join in on this? Im thinking after christmas time. If your interested Post on here or pm me. maybe if we find out where everyone is coming from finding a good place to all meet would be easier. Im in Salem, OR Where yall at?
  5. I've never posted a meet before, but I believe they go in this section, right? Anyways, MR_Loyale and myself are planning an old-school meet on the weekend of the 27th. While talking at WCSS, we thought there weren't any regular old-school Subaru meets, but we thought it'd be nice to have one. In the future, we might be planning a meet every month or so. This meet will be at Mt. Rainier, Washington. Specifically, we are planning to go to Cougar Rock Campground. This campground is just south of the mountain. I believe the campground closes after that weekend, so we will be the last people in. It's first come first serve, so no guarantees that you can find a campsite. Online, it says the fee will be $12-$15. If for any reason Cougar Rock is unavailable (e.g. all sites are full, road is closed, campground is closed, etc.), then the closest alternative is White River Campground. It's located just northeast of Mt. Rainier, and costs $12 to get in. This too is first come first serve, so no guarantees on a spot here. Both campgrounds feature water, flush toilets, and fire grates. Cougar Rock sits at 3180 ft high in elevation, and White River sits at 4400 ft high. I think the thing I want to stress is, no guarantees. I don't know if the campgrounds will close prematurely; I don't know if the roads will be accessible; I don't know what the weather will be like. Think of it as going at your own risk. If you're interested in joining us, just let me know.
  6. Headed to Brown's Camp today. Leaving out the door right now (7 am) I am almost 3 hours away from there though.....so anyone that wants to meet up there and wheel today be there by 10-11AM I'm in an 84 GL with a 6in lift I'll be with a buddy in a badass 2020 Rubi 4door, and another buddy in a stock ford ranger. We'll be on a Prime # CB channel (i.e. 7,13,17,23,29,31,37) Most likely ch. 31 or 17 #541-207-6544
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