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Found 2 results

  1. For at least a few months I have had this popping sound coming from what sounds like is inside the dash after decelerating from highway speeds. I am hoping that someone has heard this before or can help me pinpoint cause. I'd like to fix it if possible or at least know that something critical is failing or going to leave me stranded. This is a 1993 Subaru Impreza Wagon/Hatchback and has an EJ18 1.8L SOHC engine with manual transmission, AWD, and no ABS. This sound only occurs after the car as warmed up (it is silent when cold), after driving at 50+ mph for at least a few minutes, and then decelerating and driving around slower. Here is a video where you can hear the noise I am talking about: This video has the driving around cut out. This is after I have driven probably 5 miles at 55 mph and then slowed down into a subdivision. You will notice that it starts making a popping noise which sounds like it is somewhere in the middle of the dash. This is noticeable after getting off the highway but becomes even more noticeable once I slow down further from 35 mph to 20 mph. During the course of this video, I move the camera around between the drivers side and passenger side under the dash, and the on top of the dash. This noise is noticeably louder if there is a bigger difference in speed. Example: 70 mph freeway to an almost stop off an exit. This sound does not exist when the car is completely still. Or if it does, there are only one or two pops and then it stops. You will notice that the noise is not rhythmic and fairly random. I do not believe this is a problem with a engine rotating part, otherwise the sound would exist when revving the car in neutral; which it does not. This video was taken over a month ago and the noise has become louder/more severe when it occurs. This sound started somewhere around the time after I replaced timing belt (and other regular replacement parts normally done at this time), water pump, thermostat, flushed the cooling system and added brand new coolant. This may or may not be related. Has anyone heard anything like this before? Any hypothesis? Is my car dying a slow painful death? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey folks, So I finished my EJ22 swap into my '92 Loyale, and hit the road. Thankfully for me, I'm on my way back... Just have to say, for a motor that had 230k miles, power is great. But I think the rings are bad, being that I'm having to replace oil if I travel at rpm's above 3k... But, my DILEMA! While driving at sustained interstate speeds, there is an intermittent popping/thudding coming from the floor near the gas pedal and the passenger's left foot. You can hear it, and if you put your hand as far up under the dash by the gas pedal, and also by the passenger's left foot.. You can feel the thumping. It feels like something his flapping around and hitting the shell of the car... I have already gotten under it. There's nothing hanging/loose. I started trying to move everything/anything I could get my hands on. Everything feels fine. Nothing wiggly/jiggly. The noise reminds me of the first few corn kernels that start to pop when making your own popcorn. Just kinda sporadic. The vehicle is performing well. No error codes. Fuel economy is in the low 30's right now. No problem accelerating up a hill, All gears work, although I think that the synchronizing gear for third is beginning to ware. I've been trying to trigger/kill the sound. I hear it after sustaining speeds, then if I downshift it'll stay through each gear until I'm about ready to come to a complete stop/put transmission in neutral. I tried taking it out of gear and coasting for a while. Makes it go away for about ten-20 minutes of high speed . BUT, at the same time, I experimented with a coast-to-stop as soon as I heard it next. Well I kept it in neutral, and revved it up and down while coasting. The sound/thump/pop would start and fade. Doesn't happen in City traffic. Also noticed that my speedometer has to catch up sometimes while hitting interstate speeds.. I was wondering if the coolant lines could be popping? I feel like it's in the same area as the heater core as well? Could there be an air bubble in the system? I've had to replace about 3oz of coolant every so often since putting the motor in. No white smoke. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Greg