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Lifted Hatch Photo (Updated w/Action Shots)

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GeneralDisorder and I lifted my hatch last weekend, and after driving around town with 13" rims and sissy tires for a few days, I finally got some decent size tires on my 15" white spokes. It's about time--it gets kind of embarassing driving around town like that, all lifted up for no reason. Well, I just couldn't wait. My wife and I had to blast through some big mud puddles that the hatch used to struggle getting through, but now we just roll right through them. I've gotta take it easy though, since I haven't made a new skidplate or front bumper yet. Anyway, the photo's not so great, but there will be some action shots soon enough.



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Yeah - it came out real nice. The lift went on in my driveway with no real problems - just the usual snags that always accompany this sort of thing. If we didn't take a 6 hour break on Saturday to hit a JY in Eugene, it would have been done that night, as it was we had it finished up and test driven on Sunday afternoon (didn't get up real early Sunday ;) ). The plan is to caravan down to Medford this next Sunday (29th), and have a run with soobme, Adam, and SubaruJunkie (amongst others).


Now that there's two of us in the Portland area that play hard with our soobs, we are toying with the idea of a club for up here. There's the HP up north, and the OOSC down south, but nothing for P-town.....



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Great Pics, Great Hatch!


I wanna play too!


Did you make your own lift?



82 Hatch, almost done.....

01 Forester, done!

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