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I think we should make a thread of old rally pictures and videos starting with 90's and older rally subarus. We all see these videos of the newer STi's and junk. But I like to see the older subarus as most of us do on here lol. We need to document the history because nobody ever gives credit to the subarus that started the hole thing. I just found this video of a Leone sedan on the Safari Rally Circuit. I've never seen this video before, I searched and I couldnt find it in another post so I wanted to share it with you guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XbzyLbPDTs&sns=em

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anyone else notice that the person that posted the video was one of the drivers of that RX?

yep. history in person(sort of). pretty cool.

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1986 Africa Safari Rally

RX Sedan clips at 1:56-2:01 and 3:26-3:32




RX Coupe 1:11-2:16



2008 More Recent (Its recent but whatever)

RX Sedan


1990 Kenya Safari Rally



1990 Safari Rally




Safari Rally Tribute

Legacy & Vivos



Throw in these just to document them lol






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my soon to be rallyx racer.



not that it really counts but maybe when I have pics of dirt flying from the wheel wells...


"special stage" mag cover is my desktop now, thanks!

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Found some really interesting promo videos subaru had done in the 80's for the Aussie crowd.


Here's a link to the search on youtube. Top two videos in the search. Four wheel driving with Subaru 1980'2 parts 1 and 2.


At the end of part 2 they actually bring out a Toyota Tercel 4WD to compete with the scoob and it's pretty entertaining.



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