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I am taking the radiator, a brake caliper, drive shaft, pretty much everything else up for grabs. Don't want a lot of money, just don't like to waste and I also don't want to end up on a hoarding show.

This car has the quad headlight set up, is very rusty, I don't know what all is good, if you need something please ask. All I know is it has a bad headgasket. need to haul it off to scrap as soon as I can. shipping something like a transmission is not something I want to do, so locals only on that sort of thing, Are there even any other CO folks on the board with gen 1 cars? used to be a few.

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Are the hatch struts good? IF so, I could really use them.


These have only one strut for the rear gate, and this one is good. $20 shipped sound good? My paypal is flappysprintshop@yahoo.com


Shortysayhi- the seats are torn but usable. Probably better than the ones in your forest brat. I think the recline mechanism was different for brats but the seats would bolt in. you can have them if you can come an get them within 2 weeks. I can send you pics.

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Any pics? Mostly looking for tiny stuff like the plastic push in retainers for the inner panels - including the rear hatch inner panel and those push pin type retainers.


How's the door seals and outer weatherstripping on the doors?

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