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Gear oil for 5MT Loyale...

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What gear oil do folks recommend for Loyale 5MT ? Last time I changed the gear oil I used Valvoline 80W-90 synthetic. I have heard Redline makes a superior product. Any info or experiences are appreciated.

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I've used Motul Gearbox / diff oil with MoS2 (Molybdenum Disulphide) Since many years ago, Always with Great Results; believe me: it REALLY Smoothes any Manual Gearbox I've poured it in (and I've used it in many, many cars, from friends' to my family cars, and someone else's cars I've serviced) so beside the extended life for a Gearbox / diff, it also makes it Smoother, I mean Softer shiftings and reduced noise & heat.



This is the Gearbox / Differential Oil I've used on my Subaru "BumbleBeast" 5MT:






Different Formulations of MoS2:






MoS2 is Way Better than PTFE (Teflon) Additives such like Slick 50.





If you could not find Motul Reinforced with MoS2, try Subaru Extra-S Gear oil.


Kind Regards.

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I have a GL wagon with 5spd, d/r. I just changed gear oil. I used a conventional oil, API GL-5 rating. I added 0.7 quart of Hilton Hy-per Lube oil additive. ( 0.7 qt. is 20% of the 3.5 qt. capacity of the transmission ). I do not have experience with RedLine oil products. I think about oil seal compatibilty with synthetics.

I have used SWEPCO 210 gear oil. That GL wagon got T-boned so I do not have long term info on my personal vehicle use. I have used SWEPCO 210 at work and it is great. Lowers the temperature of whatever gearbox that it is in. The seals last longer. Seals love SWEPCO 210.

RedLine is expensive. I would not buy it. Swepco 210 is more, about $70--$80 per gallon and I will buy it next time after I finish some projects on my GL. SWEPCO products are difficult to find. Online, usually at high performance places. Pelicanparts.com.

SWEPCO 808 is the best penetrating oil that I have ever used. Makes PB Blaster look like cat wee-wee.

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I've used many different combinations. I used the Uncle Scotty's Cocktail in 2 transmissions...... never again. Part of that is Red Line lightweight shockproof additive, which is the component that is too thin to lubricate the bearings in a Subaru transmission. Does that mean all Red Line products are junk? No, probably not, but it's left a pretty sour taste in my mouth.


I like Valvoline products in general, and have used straight Valv 80-90. Pretty happy with it's lubricating quality, but made winter shifting very difficult.


Similar with Castrol HypoyC.


I've used Rislone engine additive with the above 2 as a cleaning agent. It's pretty incredible. When we got my dad's old '94 LGT, you could not get it to engage 2nd. A fluid change with a quart of rislone, and it shifted like new again. After 6 months or so, switched to the cocktail which quickly resulted in bearing noise, then switched to straight gear oil, and got another 100k miles before a bearing finally let loose.



But.....nothing but Subaru Extra-S for my Subaru manual transmissions now. Great shifting, happy bearings, good for LSDs (viscous, helical, and clutch).

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I've used the redline gear oil before and it works ok. Switched to amsoil svg and the tranny shifts better with it even on the coldest of days. No notchiness, just smooth shifting.


I am curious if the subaru extra-s is a synthetic fluid?

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