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I just bought a used 1998 Legacy 2.2 5spd MT with ~169,000 miles on it. I'm looking for replacement knock and downstream O2 sensors for it.


For the O2 Sensor, I am looking at the Bosch 15726. Is this a good sensor or should I go with the more expensive OEM part?


For the knock sensor, I have not yet found a suitable part. Are there any non-OE parts or should I stick with OEM?

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I have used eBay Knock Sensors (from China), for less than $15 incl. shipping.

They work just fine; the only problem is that they take a few weeks to arrive.

They're so cheap, that I ordered a spare to keep on hand (but I've never needed it).


If I remember correctly, I was quoted over $100 by a Subaru dealer for the OEM Subaru part.

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