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EA81 4speed swapped into EA82 loyale?


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So I've got a 92 loyale with a rebuilt 1.8 and the stock 3AT tranny pb4wd. The engine seems fine other than some valve chatter I've been to lazy to fix but the 3at is getting sketchy. It's left me stranded a few times and it gets -60 here so no good. I'd love do drop in a 5 speed d/r but haven't found one yet and frost is on the ground so I'm down to what's at the landfill. I can pull whatever parts from a 90s? Legacy sedan, 91 loyale with a sloppy 5speed, or the only one that's in any remotely decent shape; a 84 GL with a 4speed or MAYBE a 5 speed not sure as I didn't get a chance to mess with it much.


So is it feasible to swap out the 3at for a ea81 4 or 5 speed? So fare on here I haven't found a thread with much on the subject. I know the 4speed isn't as good as an ea82 5speed but the 5speed in the 91 loyale is very sloppy and goes into gear with out the clutch so I'm assuming it's toast. Should I just deal with the 3at till I can find a good 5speed d/r? Swap in the questionable 5speed from the 91? Try to use the ea81 tranny?


I also plan to do a 4" lift and maybe a EJ engine swap if that matters.

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hello there. i have done his mod. this week. took a auto out. and put a 5spd 4wd dual range in its place. 

 i started with a donor car. belong to one of my many subaru customers. hit 2 moose. took hit daily driver out and he need a new one. so it was part to the auto car.

besides trans you will need, clutch cable, speedo cable. peddle set from car , all of it. pcm from one with a stick(if you wont idle to be tits). drive line. possibly rear dif. check ur numbers to make sure you have right one in car to match trans. interior parts , at least the rubber and metal ring to  keep the snow out. and at least bolth CVs as the hub at trans is different size.


now the one problem im having. the donar car was a ea82 with a carb, no 02. most importantly, no neutral safety switch on the peddle. now the 91 loyel would normal have one. but my peddle set doesn't have the bracket for it not does the harness have the plug to rig or bypass to start from key. my thought is maby fool the old plug at the trans selector on the floor. any input here? 

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You'll need to stick with a EA82 clutch pedal assembly , the ea81 has a different trans mount so you'll need to make a custom trans crossmember, the legacy trans won't bolt up, and find a longer driveline if it was me I'd wait till I found a Dualrange ea82 trans

I agree with Scott on this one. The EA81 4WD 4 speed isn't really the greatest transmission to start with, hence the reason so many people swap them out for 5MTs. Even if you can find a Loyale push button single range that would be good. Like Scott said above ^^^^^ the driveline and too many other things won't fit with the 4 speed.

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