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This is where my build currently sits, figured I'd share it. It's a 1967 Beetle dropped on a 1998 Subaru Impreza NA 2.2 chassis. I had the shorten the pan about 5 inches and the suspension is a bit wide in the rear. There were a handful of routes I could have take th avoid that like cutting the body in half or lowering the shock towers and putting shorter shocks in, but I want the beetle to have as many off the shelf parts as possible so if something breaks I can easily find it. 

The front end is not staying like that, I'm going with a full fiberglass front but I'm not going to touch all that until I have the back sorted.

The build is also getting uploaded on youtube if you want to follow along: 


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Just watched the three videos and was hoping for a few more updates. 

Also a bit of a shame he didn’t use the Gen3 legacy multi link rear end, no need to cut into the upper bodywork to clear the strut towers. 

I’m also a bit jealous about what you guys can “get away” with over there. Here in Oz this thing would need a massive amount of engineering to be deemed roadworthy, and depending on which state you’re in also dictates what you need to do exactly! 



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