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Direct Fit coilovers inside...

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where'd you find those? the rears look like they might bolt up to the front of EA81 cars. the top mount anyways

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The rears are stupid easy to do.


Those rears will not actually work. What i'm using on my rally car is basically an off the shelf Bilstien Shock with threaded body. We then had custom stainless steel pin mounts for the tops made. They need to be 12 MM in diameter to bolt into the top mounts in the rear. The bottom we are using a 1/2 inch Spherical bearing, so we reemed out the Rear mounting holes to accept 1/2 Bolts.



The front...yes basically anything from a Legacy/impreza will work if you do the XT6 hub swap. The problem you will run into is, that an impreza or Legacy is for all intentsive purposes a 3000 lb car. These RX's and crap are somewhere between 2500-2600 lbs. That's a big difference....not to mention the Impreza/Legacy stuff is designed to support in most cases a big ole 2.5 motor.....or the 2.0 Liter turbo. Both of which are heavier than the 1.8...much heavier as a matter of a fact.



My front struts. Custom 4130 Chromoly Strut tubes, with Bilstien rally inserts are of the inverted design like these Zeals, and go right into the Stock (4 cylinder) front hubs. and bolt into the stock top mounts.

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Gimme a few days to Drag the Rally car back down here. and i'll take a pile of pics.


I'm sure you guys will love everything about it...it's got like a zillion point roll cage....bilstien coil-overs....lotsa crap.

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