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Brought a new toy home (a fast one!)

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Just got in from picking up another Soob... me and Jeremy (Conker) just picked up an XT6! It'll be all Jeremy's in a couple weeks, but for now we're kinda sharing it. The car doesn't have any serious mechanical issues, mostly it's just dirty and needs a tune up. Here's details...


88 XT6, 5 speed with diff lock

125K on the clock



Exterior is FILTHY

Clutch cable needs adjustment

Fuel filter is clogged

RH headlight motor is dead, as is the window motor on the same side

Lifters are chattering a bit



DAMN this thing is fast!!


But, the car was only $600, and has no major rust. Before you west coasters say how crappy the car looks, remember that here in Appalachia, a hole-free Subaru is worth its weight in gold.


Pics are posted at: http://usmb.net/gallery/albup18

LOTS of new stuff is yet to come for this car. :D

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looks like a good find. So in it's past life it was a firewood hauler, a cement mixer, and a mouse nest? (I see a little piece of log on the back seat)

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Hey Steve , Thanks a Lot for setting this up for me , this was a Awsome Find :) Skip cant thank you enought for your help in aquireing this Beast :)

man i cant wait to start driveing it on a normal basis :)


Jeremy 92 Escort LX-E

88 Subaru XT-6

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Yep, they be fast! Got the '88 XT-6, Miles and I bought for parts, running last weekend. Took it for a short test drive. YeeHaaa!!


Got parts available here too. Engine, ECU, tranny, rear diff, seats, and 5-bolt lug stuff are spoken for. But other things are available. The air suspension on this one works!! Body color is Black, interior is a Dark Gray and sort of a Brown felt type stuff.


I'll be stripping more out of it this weekend, mainly the rear suspension. Once I'm done with getting the pieces that Miles and I want, the body is up for grabs to anyone that wants it. There's no Title for it, and the underside of it is way rusted, so it's only good for parts.


Would really like to sell it as one piece, rather than this piece, that piece, so on and so forth. I need my garage back! It will need to be hauled out on a flatbed trailer, as there's no way to put tires on it now.


Email, or PM me for more info.

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