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    In order to completely stop the rust, you need cut out all the metal that's rusted, even slightly, clean it and coat it with a GOOD anti-rust coating, then repair it. The rocker panels are structural, so I would not use fiberglass. You'll need to find good ones and graft them in or make new panels.
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    axle. "new" are frequently garbage. you can try swapping axles side-to-side as a test and see if the noise changes or "moves" with the axle. brake dust shield rubbing or caught debris can cause clicking as well. check disk/rotor/pad interfaces for debris, hanging, etc.
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    Clicking noise is a sure sign of a bad axle joint. If they are new, then perhaps they weren't torqued down properly. Sometimes, after driving for a while, they need to be re-torqued. I would check to make sure the torque is correct. Sometimes they have to be slightly over torqued.
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    The internal rust is the issue, not what you can see. 1-3 year fix = cover it up. Permanent fix = cut it out and replace the metal. There's unfortunately no way to get a permanent fix otherwise. You could possibly increase that 1-3 time line by a year or a couple with an enormous amount of effort applying POR-15 into the inner reaches of the cavities.
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    They have metal clips that hold them onto the tank. No. They are metal and bent to match the shape of the tank. Our cars being AWD have a second round access cover opposite the fuel pump cover. I fished a solid 12ga copper wire between the two access holes and wrapped and taped it to both new hoses and used it to pull them through from the fuel pump side, then over and down the side of the tank to the metal pipes that come through the floor.
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    That means its a keeper. I'll get a few extra sets of EMPI boots while they are still available. Thanks.
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    What kind of noise ? grinding ? clicking? squealing ? once ? continuous ? anything's possible.