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  1. KootenayJK

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

  2. KootenayJK

    My '83 GL Coupe - Hardtop SSS

    OK, just don't see a brushless motor in the pics. Hopefully it doesn't lunch your gears!
  3. KootenayJK

    My '83 GL Coupe - Hardtop SSS

    When are you going to put the brushless in? Should be interesting...
  4. Hey all, contemplating a project, and I need to know the width measurement of an EA81 engine from valve cover to valve cover. I've been searching the web for awhile, and can't seem to find it (maybe my googlefu is broken)
  5. KootenayJK

    Bought my first Subaru today!

    Count the plug wires - looks like 4cyl. That being said, a lot of smaller 6 cyl engines are about the same power output...
  6. KootenayJK

    Bought my first Subaru today!

    BTW, looks very good cosmetically!
  7. KootenayJK

    Bought my first Subaru today!

    If the seller said it "just needs a new water pump", it probably "just needs head gaskets, timing kit, water pump, and radiator" Hopefully not, though.
  8. A guy here who does flagging/signing work uses one for hauling all his gear. The rear springs seem to be permanently sagged at this point, so HD rears at a minimum would be a consideration.
  9. KootenayJK

    Refresh of a very interesting 1982 Brat

    I recall seeing my first lifted Subaru in the early 90's in (I think) Kelowna, BC. The image is still burned into my brain, as we had an '82 wagon around that time. Probably about a 4", but looked to have stock size wheels/tires.
  10. KootenayJK

    1993 Legacy Wheeler/Adventure Wagon

    This R awesomer!
  11. KootenayJK

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

  12. Pretty sure the only MPFI EA82 n/a we got here was the 9.5:1 compression.
  13. The info you need is in the "EJ swap" thread. http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/67098-please-read-ej-swap-write-up-ver-20-now-in-pdf-form/ It is, in a way, simple. But can also be very time consuming. You will want to have the wiring diagrams for your car handy. If you have never done anything like this before, you might want help from someone who has experience with it.
  14. KootenayJK

    Nick's 94 Loyale build

    Looked better without spacers, IMO. Looks like you're lovin it though! The senior pics are good.