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  1. Legacy RallyGuy

    $46,000 BRAT!!!!!!

    One of the most powerful drivers of demand IS nostalgia! I'll bet no one in the 80s was thinking about a company that would make ENTIRE 1960s Mustang body shells for the unit price of nearly $20k. People are just getting sick of new BORING cars, so everyone is dragging the old steel and plastic kicking and screaming into the 2020s... In the early 2000s I saw people hauling 70s and 80s Subarus to scrap that people would pay several grand for now... So when something like that BRAT (though we can all agree it was far from perfect, it grabbed some attention) and people love anything that gets enough attention.. A bit surprising on sale price, but it's a bout time our little Subarus become desirable enough people spend a chunk on them. Imagine telling someone in that sold their good condition R32 GTR for $4k ten years ago... that it's worth nearly $75k now! People were appalled when I spent $1,000 in 2001 on a 1969 Mustang coupe with a broken window and blown engine and damaged rear axle. (even came with the new window and short block) . Dont ask what I sold it for in the recession to help me move to Ireland.. EEK.. but yeah, it's worth a chunk more today! 1970s Nissans and Datsuns.. the look on my dad's face when he saw how much a 240Z costs if its in only fair condition.. haha The good thing in this is that people are starting to look at Subarus not only as something rare to preserve, but also an investment. They are now more likely to be preserved/restored or listed for sale instead of scrapped when someone finds one or a barn full. AND IF enough people are trying to fix them up/keep them on the road and in their family... the parts suppliers will add old Subaru products to their offerings...
  2. Legacy RallyGuy

    Found my unicorn...

    Any updates? I'm getting the rockers done on my coupe this week. I'm going with a slightly thicker sheet metal than stock, hoping to improve it's strength and lifespan! the metal was .80mm (0.032") to 1.0mm (0.040")
  3. 1976 2 Door Sedan... Roof skin will need to be shipping to Missouri Yeah, Necro bump, but this is a handy thread!
  4. I grew up in Tucson, I completely understand the A/C is sooo very worth all of the hard work! If you're missing a bit or two, would you be able to get them from places like vintage air? That being said, most cars, including my 2002 Impreza and wife's 2005 C180 have no A/C! Ireland has such a mild summer, you might only hit temps of 18C to 20C (68F to 75F-ish) a couple times all summer. I love the progress, keep it up!
  5. Legacy RallyGuy

    My 73' Coupe Restoration

    Six years is a long while, but always better than never! I've had a few "never-cars" and that's always a bummer. When the stars, planets, effort, time, sandpaper and money align... Beautiful things will happen! THIS is why cars worth their salt (but not exposed to it) are NOT cheap to come by. This car is art and I agree in "inspirational" Subafreak, so few people restore cars correctly! You need to be somewhere between obsessive compulsive and a fantastic dreamer to go from start to finish. The only thing I can say this car needs more of- pictures!
  6. Legacy RallyGuy

    The "help me finish my coupe" thread

    My parcial shelf is not damaged *other than speakers installed* but it seems to have changed shape a bit! Those little snaps that it clicks into near the rear window dont hold mine anymore, as it looks like it was in a humid place for a bit and the 90 degree bend is now a little less, so the thing doesn't quite plug-in. I thought it SHRANK, but looks like it just changed shape a bit. This is something else I'm adding to the *remake from fiberglass* list when I get my garage...
  7. Legacy RallyGuy

    my 87 RX Coupe :-)

    Great story!! And you have a good eye for finding quality Subarus! Europe has very strict automobile-inspections, usually people only see the upkeep cost, but this means the cars that stay on the road have been well-looked after! A shame that most Irish car owners just throw away a carwhen it becomes a bit worn. I have seen top-end Mercs here that sold new for €120,000 in 2006, now listed for less than €5,000 because of neglect and a throw away attitude. I love seeing well preserved or high-mile and cared-for old cars!
  8. Legacy RallyGuy

    My pristine 78 DL is coming home!

    A shop in SD, thats not Henry's near El Cajon Blvd by any chance? They used to work wonders for my dad and myself! Love the car!!!!
  9. Docking points for no carpet, when a floor is that f'ing gorgeous! I swear, the underpinnings of that car are just as shiny as the exterior!
  10. Legacy RallyGuy

    4x140 atv wheels?

    This would be more like what would work best for a lot of us! Use an existing wheel, create a jig, weld and viola! My wagon style wheels would work well for this! (I think it's 1/4" plate too! heavy duty!
  11. The more replies the better, as it'll make things cheaper! If we cant get original, a quality reproduction might be the way to go!
  12. Legacy RallyGuy

    Pre Vin number decoder.

    Very cool find! I have a set of 1976 fender flares. I'd like to get copies made, but they're just sitting in my friend's basement in Missouri. They're in okay shape, as they were used on a race car for at least one baja run. a few chips/cracks, but they could be used to make excellent first-gen copies! I'm now living in Ireland *lived in Spirit Lake, ID for a while* loved it! I'm refinishing a 78 Coupe here shortly *it arrives this weekend!* So once I get it roadworthy, I'll start looking into getting the copies made.
  13. What type of stuff do you have on the board (on the tripod)? I love when car owners/builders do that! It's fun to see before and afters pictures!
  14. Do we HAVE to sign up on their website if they just want to order one?
  15. Legacy RallyGuy

    to weld or not to weld...

    I have a 3.9 diff laying around in Missouri... I could have a friend ship it if you're interested