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I turned down the rear driveline yoke last night. Ground the V6 calipers so my re-centered HMMV rims fit , I need to order wheel studs this weekend.

umm, what else. My goal this weekend is to move the fuel tank to the bed, get the electrical box finished up and start working on a mount for it.

I am gonna buy some mechanical gauges on the way home tonight, so at least get those in a mounting situation.

yeah, coming along.

Also I will tack in the bump stop stuff, start looking at the interior trans tunnel again. I think I would rather build a frame for it off of the existing interior cage.


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Installed the wheel studs.

Found the other two spacers I needed for the drivers side brake caliper. ground the calipers to allow my rims to fit.LOL

Umm, made a battery box and mounted it.

Mounted the fuel tank in the bed.

Wired and mounted the plug for the electrical box( there will be two, but this is just main systems)

Turned down the yokes for the rear driveline, cut some material, and did a test fit. half assed tacked it to see what it would look like.

Got the doghouse supports welded in place.

think thats about it. lol

Gotta start laying out electrical.

need :

actually assemble the front axle now that the brakes are done.

run fuel lines

finish routing wiring.(make said wiring waterproof?)

change fan plugs

make raadiator hoses

finish power steering mount.


adjust my front bump-stops and burn them in

I May have to give the rear driveline clearance at full stuff. got get it built then


anyways. cheers, I will update pics when I don't need to go to bed for work.LOL

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nothing fancy, here man. A rush to try and make this has left style behind.lol




truck side


new studs.Just got lugnuts as a stocking stuffer. Axle is going together for "good" tomorrow.




All of the electronicals are soldered then heat shrunk w/ adhesive stick shrink.




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FYI.  I've seen it lately, weekend before last.  It exists just as it did up until the posts stopped coming.  Sitting dusty in a nice safe garage in the care of someone will put it together the rest of the way someday.   

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