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A Sedan (Saloon) GT86 must be the New Impreza, isn't it?

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Despite that I really Like the Idea of a Subaru BRZ Saloon, I dislike the Idea that Toyota could start selling the Impreza WRX under the Toyota Badge, Because I saw Photos of the New (2014) impreza WRX prototype and it really looks to me that it is Based on the BRZ Chassis...



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I've been looking at that there saloon the past week.


Still not quite sure how I feel about it.


-For one, can't wrap my brain around convertibles. (Flipping a car'll do that to you)

-Two, all that hearing "86" makes me think of is an AE86. -Different, in every way.

-Three, very BReeZy. Very, BReeZy.


Four, who knows what contractual partnerships have been made between Subaru and Toyota?


The day a WRX is badged by Toyota'll be the death of me.

In my opinion though, the WRX lost touch in '08.

'02 Bugeyes - Forever in my heart.

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The BRZ/86 platform as it is currently cannot use AWD so there is no need to worry about a Toyota badged WRX.


Subaru is also unlikely to 'give' Toyota its flagship, 'hero' model. Also, while Subaru is on a sales 'wave' I doubt they will care what Toyota wants! After all, Toyota's shares are in Fuji Heavy Industries not Subaru.

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