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EA82T, simple ways to gain power/efficiency

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Hey everyone


I know you can find small simple ways all over these forums for adding/releasing power from ea82 turbo engines, but what I want to do is compile all the mods for improving the efficiency/power output from mostly stock ea82t's


My '87 GL (push-button 4wd 5 speed) EA82T modifications/improvements


-'03 STI Top Mount Intercooler

-2.5" straight piped all the way back off turbo (stock up-pipe)(stock turbo)

-opened air box (noticeable improvement)


Any other mods that I can do/will do, I'll update my post and tell everyone how it works out and performs


And please don't say to EJ it... heard that enough already haha if I didn't want to keep my EA82T I wouldn't be posting a forum about improving it (:


Thanks for any input!!

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some people on the XT forum used to build these up.  some of the starting mods that weren't listed already were....


exhaust temp gauge.  lets you monitor the heat and pull your foot out of it before there are issues.


better fuel injectors.  there are only a few types of injector, if its the same style of injector it will fit so you can get injectors for a car with higher hp and swap them in.  injectors are rated for HP, and the stock injectors are rated for exactly what the motor produces stock, so look at getting some higher output ones.


at least with these and the inner cooler and exhaust you will have all the basics to not blow anything up unless your not paying attention.  then you can tweak with it and actually have some real info.  you really need to watch for and eliminate any lean condition in the combustion. 

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I want to build a dependable and mostly fuel efficient ea82t but still be able to hit boost and put some power down when I want to.. I would need a completely different fuel management system to run extra injectors haha I want to eventually MegaSquirt it so I can fine tune everything. And with bigger injectors I can still manage good mileage it just provides more fuel under higher boost


My next question is, will a TD04 turbo swap drop gas mileage?? Obviously when rallying, but i just mean highway and town driving


Thanks everyone!

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In my old 323 GTX days, a big turbo swap meant a slight gain in mileage, probably more likely to driving more out of boost than the volumetric efficiency benefit from the larger turbo. Honestly without actually doing something with the engine management to manage different injectors, air volume, etc, you're going to make a weak engine that won't have good economy since it'll be always injecting more fuel at the ratio of the upsizing of the injectors. 

Get some high impedance (not peak & hold) injectors, megasquirt, and actually let it manage your fuel and boost. I never modify anything without actual control of the engine's air/fuel parameters.

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