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Hi Folks.
Previously my partner had the same year & model & though we're in Vermont where cars rust to bits, we got lucky enough to find another which came here from CA. & got well treated before rust could set in.
We're very happy with it but for several things:
1 - The dome light doesn't come on at all;
2 - It throws an evap code every so often;
3 - It has the central locking system & the alarm stickers - but came with no remote(s).

I'm guessing it uses the same ones as the other '98 did as it has no button near the OBD plug - and we have good remotes left over from when the other car went for parts.
They are the Alps 88036ae060 & look like the pic here:
image ??
But, when trying to get the car into programming mode it is 100% unresponsive - leading me to think that system was disconnected or is otherwise messed up.

I tried the programming steps from the couple of different alarm types I found & none of it made any difference.

Since the alarm must also use door switches I'm guessing these may be related somehow...
In my searching I've read a bunch of stuff about fuses & different systems & I remain uncertain of how to proceed.

I will appreciate any guidance in these matters very much !!

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that remote picture is for the '99+ models. Sometimes that brown button is still tucked up under the dash. As I 'think' this was a dealer-installed option, the actual keyless and security boxes should be under the dash, too. Trace the wires for that button from there. 


Per Cars101.com it was an option: Keyless Remote entry - $225. with alarm $350. (made by Code Alarm)


You need this fob: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html#code alarm



We need the actual CODE to help w/the Evap issue.



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Thanks for the replies folks !!

I didn't know how to read the OBD code properly - but now that I do - it shows PO440 #E1 generic.

As to the rest - once it stops pouring here I'll get into things a bit.

Right now my biggest concern is that as soon as we get the final stuff from the DMV it'll need to pass inspection, so it'd be great to get through that without having to worry about the CEL coming on & messing it up.

Thanks Again.

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Thanks. Yes, the OBD reader confirms it is an evap code.

Checked all around nothing found yet...all of what I posted in the OP remains a bit problematic.

As to the evap code - it only seems to relate with when the fuel level gets below 3/4 full - it goes on consistently after that.

The dome light fuse turned up fine & the light does a flickery thing now & then when doors open/shut that is only visible at night as it is so quick & every so often the key in thing will make a quick squawk too.

As to the remote I pictured above, my partner's prior Outback was also a '98 & that is exactly why we have the leftover remotes as pictured in the OP from that, so maybe they are not what is 'sposed to be used, but I suspect that the system itself is somehow offline because none of the programming methods make for any response and this car DOES have the original factory stickers on it saying that it has the security system.

Adding a 4th item to my list=>

This car has 2 single DIN OEM audio components - the top being what seems to be the head unit radio/cassette player & the bottom being a CD player - which has died & no longer loads CDs.

Will someone here be kind enough to 'splain to me if the bottom unit alone can be replaced, perhaps with a more modern MP3 unit & somehow routed through the top unit - or must they both come out for that to happen ??

We'll greatly appreciate any helpful replies, thanks !!

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My query was intended as exact - because she wants to KEEP the cassette player as-is, but gain MP3 playing ability, etc.

I have already got a single DIN unit picked out, thanks - hence my exact query.

The '98 Outback is assuredly rust free as it came to us from a dry climate & even its underside has all the original paint everywhere.

Something could have worked loose, sure - but really I'm hoping to hear from someone here that has gotten through these same problems with a same or just about same car.

Also - this stinker of a site keeps logging me out - refusing my password - then locking me out despite my choosing the 'remember me' option.

Repeatedly resetting my PW is really quite excessive !!!

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