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Ea82 Engine Rebuild Help Needed

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I am about to attempt an engine rebuild on my 87 3Door and realized how grossly unprepared I am. It would of course be much cheaper and easier if I could find and already built engine or even a short block to buy, but I am having zero luck with that search.

My questions for you guys are...

Do you know anywhere I can either buy another engine already rebuilt or a short block to help with cost and labor?

Are there any tips you have for a first time engine fiddler? 

I have had my car for several years and  have done loads of work on her, but after blowing the head gaskets this last time, and getting blow-by in the engine, I decided it was finally time for an overhaul. 

Any help is mega appreciated! 

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If the bottom end doesn’t have any knock in it on start up, keep the cases together. Pull the heads and replace the rings, maybe the pistons if they’re out of shape - but *should* be fine if the engine hasn’t been overheated. Replace pistons if you have cracked ring landings. Seen that before! 

Also have the valves check and new seals fitted. 

Or “just” drop in an EJ and enjoy the freedom of pulling up hills and actual acceleration! Sorry, it had to be said. 



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