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    Old lug nut, fender washer, and some grease is the easiest DIY way. Or pull the hub off and hammer it in with a socket supporting the hub on the threaded side. GD
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    Have you got a shop vac? I’d be tempted to try that approach before disassembling anything.
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    You need the controller for safety reasons. Never hot wire a fuel pump. In an accident, it won't shut down and could lead to someones death and possibly a lawsuit to boot. If you can't afford to replace it, try this.http://www.revolutionelectronics.com/Fuel_Pump.html I use these when I do restorations. Just finishing a frame up restoration on a 68 Mustang and it got one. Works perfectly.
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    rotate crank to open intake on cyl 1, take out spark plug, attach compressor hose, blow the plastic backwards out the the way it went in?
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    look for wetness/fuel in the vacuum line from the FPR. sometimes the diaphragm leaks. does your scanner get fuel trims?
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    Yep, find a good Independent Subaru shop (like GD's) and establish a relationship with them. You and your Subaru will be happy.
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    does it run better immediately after an ECU reset? If not, I'd look for a physical problem; vacuum or intake mani leak or dropped valve guide/tight valve as mentioned, etc, if it does run better after a reset, probably a bad sensor - a:f or knock sensor.....? maybe as simple as cleaning the MAF ???
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    Check compression, got a tight valve?