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    I cant put all my Subarus in here either :-(
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  1. Willy Fisterbottom

    Parts books or lookup help

    You can download a heap of classic parts books from the Group Files in the Classic Subaru Network facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/
  2. Willy Fisterbottom


    They are rubber, only the US got those disgusting Impact bumpers. The rubber covers were on the Hardtops like one of mine here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/permalink/2012337402348406/ If the link dosen't work, try this first. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/?fref=nf
  3. I have a Microfiche scanner here at my work that automatically feeds, scans and converts it into PDF. Unfortunately I’m in Australia. I’d be willing to pay for postage and send back, or buy them. I’d share the files in here when done.
  4. Willy Fisterbottom

    EA81 exhaust... so this happened...

    Nice, shame about the 32/36 Weber.
  5. Willy Fisterbottom

    Help needed with 79 brat carb rebuild

    Classic Subaru Network (4x140 or GTFO): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603473039901513/ Hitachi Training manual.pdf
  6. Willy Fisterbottom

    Help needed with 79 brat carb rebuild

    You can download the 79 dealer carb training manual in the "Classic Subaru Network" facebook group files
  7. Willy Fisterbottom

    EA-71 Cylinder Sleeves

    EA71 don't have removable Cylinder liners like early EA63, you'll have to bore it out or find another block.
  8. Willy Fisterbottom

    Just First Generation Subaru Photos!

    What an extremely good looking bloke.
  9. Willy Fisterbottom

    Just First Generation Subaru Photos!

    Yeah, 360 is first gen and 1000 is second gen?
  10. Willy Fisterbottom

    Door Cross Over Question

    BRAT (Brumby) doors are longer than 4 door sedan and wagons, You can use doors from coupes, hardtops and 2 door sedans.
  11. Willy Fisterbottom

    removing plastic pieces behind windows?

    Remove the trim inside the cab first.
  12. 1981 Gen 1 Brumbies came out with the EA81.
  13. Willy Fisterbottom

    1600/1400 rear crankshaft seal.. help!

    What make is the "aftermarket 1600"?