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    EJ22 swap and long travel suspension
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    I am joiner but love mechanics so I am in the long process of modifying my Forester to become a multi purpose vehicle.
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    '97 Forester

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  1. I always enjoy your videos ! It seems that the rear suspension on your Outback and the Forester doesn't have a lot of droop ?!
  2. No, it sure is a EJ22E (first pic) and probably a phase 1
  3. I have swapped my '97 Forester EJ20J (122hp) for a '96 Legacy EJ22E shortblock. I kept all the electronics, intake manifold and exhaust and it works just fine. The reason I did the swap is that the EJ22E is non-interferential and has low end torque. But compatibility between EJ engines is not a science. The EJ202 (125hp) is easier to swap with a EJ251 as the connectics/electronics are compatible and you can still run the EJ202 ECU. Finally, its more of an electronic rather than a mechanic issue.
  4. This is what we found out too but I don't want to change my SF for a Forester with VDC (SG phase II) so we will try to retrofit an ABS/VDC unit in my old SF and power the VDC through an Arduino. Well, its a project.... In the real world, my air piston lift system works pretty well, here is a video shot in Corsica where the 30cm (at lowest part) of ground clearance weren't too much
  5. Are you trying to make your ABS unit a Traction Contol unit ? With the help of two friends, we are trying to find out if it is possible using a Arduino. It would be for offroad use only. Starts here, but for now its just some brainstorming : https://www.forum4x4.org/threads/117587-Subaru-forester?p=3747436&viewfull=1#post3747436
  6. Thats what I thought too but I did find a small difference between different rear/right axles. I had a r/r axle popping out the differential when going through rough terrain so I compared it to other r/r axles I have and found they all have a different length of a few millimeters, just enough to keep the axle in the differential.
  7. Nice grinding of the cups, how much of an angle do you get now ?
  8. Have you already changed the SF (40cm) lateral links with SG (41,5cm) or WRX (41cm) lateral links ? I opted for the SG's. The axles on SF's and SG's are the same length but I found a little difference between left and right, about 5mm if I remember correctly.
  9. You will be limited by the plunge at the front even with the ball spline axles, they only have 45mm plunge. And because the control arms are shorter than the axles, the more droop you have, the more the axles go towards the inside of the cups. At the rear, with ball spline axles, you shouldn't be worried as much as the lateral links and the axles are about the same length. And the inner CV's can go about 40°
  10. I had some Heri ball spline axles for three years in the front of my '97 Forester, they did the job but I wouldn't recommend them, they had a lot of play and I was always scared to break them.... Now I have oem SVX front axles, 30°+ vs 25° for the oem Forester axles. If you install ball spline axles at the rear of the Forester you don't need them to have much plunge as the lateral links and the axle are about the same length.
  11. The humming noise could also come from the rear differential, but if so, it usually makes more noise on acceleration or deceleration but not on both. Nice pics of your travel by the way !
  12. In my opinion, your vibrations come from the front inner CV's. You should add a body lift or lower your strut lift. And take the sway bar out...
  13. Because you love jumps and because I just found this video...
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