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  1. You need to adjust he float.
  2. naru2

    Loyale won’t run

    Any trouble codes? I would check fuel pressure.and for unmetered air/vacuum leaks. Look for cracks in the large hose between the MAF and the throttle body.
  3. naru2

    Just carb replacement

    It will run,but,it won`t be OK. A 38 DGAS is too large for the tiny airflow of a Justy. A smaller DGV series Weber w/a progressive throttle linkage would be a better choice.
  4. naru2

    1982 1600 tachometer bouncing

    This usually means the distributor shaft bushings are worn. See if you can wiggle the shaft, Any more than barely perceptible movement is too much.
  5. +1 Nothing blew. You have a bad battery connection.
  6. naru2

    88 GL Wagon exhaust

    According to my Walker catalog,that is the correct number.Picture is wrong though.
  7. naru2

    EA82T modules wanted

    Are you disagreeing? Like I said,fuel pressure is always 36 psi COMPARED TO THE INTAKE MANIFOLD.(but varies between 26-43 psi on a normal gauge that compares fuel pressure to atmospheric pressure) Fuel pump output pressure is a lot more than 43 psi.It is regulated to 43 max. Deadheaded pressure output is more like 60 or 70.My aftermarket pump is over 100.Pinch your return line and see for yourself.If you only get 43 your pump is dead. You need more than 43 psi available to get a regulated 43 psi output. Read your manual again.You will see that it says "43.6 psi at supercharging 48.0 kPa"(full boost) Of course the FPR is rising rate.It would not need a vacuum line to the intake if it was not.
  8. naru2

    EA82T modules wanted

    I suspect that all the modules were made in one factory and then rebranded and reboxed.I doubt there is any difference Airtex uses the same blurb on all thier modules. It does not seem reasonable that there were 5 different manufacturers of this low volume part like the crossover page suggests. Pretty sure AC Delco never tooled up to make this subaru part.
  9. naru2

    EA82T modules wanted

    That is 36psi above intake pressue so about 28 at idle.36 not running and 43(36 +7) at full boost.
  10. naru2

    EA82T modules wanted

    You don`t need to run your car at boost to check fuel pressure at boost. I use a tire pump and an old subaru check valve to put 7 psi (full boost) on the pressure regulator vacuum line.Fuel pressure should then be 43psi. Volume is important too.For a quick check,I remove the return line and measure the volume. I think a fuel pressure gauge is more important than a boost gauge.I use an onboard oil pressure gauge for fuel pressure
  11. naru2

    EA82T modules wanted

    Both EA81Ts and EA82Ts run 43psi at full boost.
  12. Sounds like a stuck or unpowered ignition relay. See diagram on page 195 etc. of the 1st ej22 service manual here http://jdfinley.com/file-downloads/subaru-manuals/
  13. See if the fuse blows w/the ignition relay unplugged.If OK,then see what happens w/the relay plugged in and the ECU unplugged.
  14. SPFI,I presume? Fuse 5 powers the ECU both directly and thru the ignition relay.(with some white wires) See pages 52 and 155 of the 2nd EA82 manual here http://jdfinley.com/file-downloads/subaru-manuals/