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  1. Jerry DeMoss

    Tundrabrat Build

    I hope you are getting the engine sorted out. After chatting with you on the phone I am still stumped on what you should try next.
  2. Jerry DeMoss

    Finally scored one (Moss Green EA81 Wagon)

    I love that color! That wagon looks terrific. Makes me want an old skoolie car again!
  3. You will probably have to make one out of some silicone hose couplers and aluminum pipe parts. The old turbo inlets are getting very hard to find in decent condition so fabbing your own is going to be the quickest and maybe cheapest option.
  4. Just use '05 mls sti headgaskets. Works great with the ej22 heads on a ej25 block. No complaints from any of these I have done.
  5. Jerry DeMoss

    Peugeot wheel paint stripping

    I have always used aircraft paint stripper. It is safe on aluminum where as alot of them you can't be too sure.
  6. Jerry DeMoss

    My new toy

    I like your new project car! Let me know if you are ever looking for parts I may be able to help.
  7. Jerry DeMoss

    Tundrabrat Build

    (Insert baked alaskan joke here) Glad you are good. Things happen when least expected. The progress looks great.
  8. Jerry DeMoss

    Question for EJ guys with SJR 6 inch lift

    Sounds really cool. Care to share some pictures?
  9. Jerry DeMoss

    head porting!

    Looks good guys. However, don't forget to leave the intake ports a tad on the rough side to aid volumetric efficiency.
  10. Jerry DeMoss

    Tundrabrat Build

    Good work man! I like your attention to detail with your body work. All your hard work will pay off for sure.
  11. Very interesting to hear peoples ideas. I will do a little more research and then find out what seems to work.
  12. Jerry, do you know anyone that has an EJ 4" lift kit they are selling?

  13. Hello Jerry,


    I was referred to you by a member in the forum. He told me you sell rebuilt Weber 32/36's, and the parts I would need to get my 81 EA81 Weberized. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss a possible purchase. Thank you,



  14. Thanks for posting that. It is very interesting. I have one of those intake manifolds with the water cross over pipe being integrated into the manifold itself.