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Found 10 results

  1. I've been searching for a bit and I haven't found anything specifically about how to lift the rear end (torsion bar) of a Gen 1 Brat. Can anyone give me an idea of what's involved in giving my Brat a little lift? I put a rooftop tent on the SnugTop (reinforced of course) and the weight up there makes it handle a bit squirrely. I was thinking I could try boosting the rear end a couple inches to help keep the front end from getting loosey goosey on the highway. Admittedly, this is a shot in the dark so a simple "no, that's dumb" would actually be appreciated. If that's the case, any helpful guidance would also be helpful. Thanks all!!
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to start doing some cosmetic work on my '79 BRAT. Specifically I need the below (preferably in red but i'll take what I can get!): tailgate (or even just the handle for the tailgate) passenger fender front bumper plastic door handle covers for interior I have some parts that I'd be willing to part with myself like a hood, rear diff, about 7 carbs in various states of disrepair ;), a couple of alternators, windshield wiper motors and the linkage, some interior parts like visors and a couple of door handles I believe and other parts as well. I will look through what I have if you have a specific thing you're looking for.
  3. I removed the dealership AC from a brat to put in another (will not see the other for a while) and I thought the non-AC brats had a box/duct with a vacuum actuated flap to cover/uncover the fresh air inlet. My brat now has an opening for outside air and if this item exists I wanted to install it to control fresh air/recirculation. If so does any one have a picture of the item for some friends who are looking for this for me?
  4. I'm looking for the Chrome bed rails that go on a gen 1 brat. If you go to Portland Oregon on Craigslist and search Subaru Brat you'll see a black one that has a set on it.
  5. I've been tracing wires trying to figure out why the blower doesn't work, I checked the fuses and they were all good and then I took the blower motor out and hooked it up to the battery and it ran. There was a singe red wire with coupling and then a 3 wire coupling (similar to the 4 prong on a small trailer hook up) from that I trace the 3 green/red/black wires to coupling for the selector panel fan switch which had yellow wires coming out of it, it had one black wire clipped close to the panel side of the coupling, and one extra yellow wire with a coupling that had gone to the ac before being disconnected. the only question I have is I found the blue wire coming directly from the panel switch that went through the firewall into the engine compartment to some silver little small box with wires going into it. I didn't know if maybe you might have some input. Little silver box I'm talking about with the wires is to the left of the spare tire as you're facing the vehicle from the front with the hood up.
  6. I'm looking for the Chrome bed rails that go on a gen 1 brat. If you go to Portland Oregon on Craigslist and search Subaru Brat you'll see a black one that has a set on it.
  7. I have the driver's side bed rail and am looking for its mate or another good pair.
  8. Hey I'm selling or parting out my gen 1 BRAT. Add explains all. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/4304702483.html
  9. First post, please be kind. Right so I've developed a great interest in the Subaru Brat and am dead set in getting one and putting it through some major modifications. Such as putting the body on top a WRX drivetrain with the subframes then lifting it using Forester struts. Now I want a Gen 1 GL Brat because I love how it looks with it's BMW-esque headlights and subtle body lines. I thought that Gen 1's were available with t-tops however to my dismay I've found out that they aren't. Now the t-tops are half the reason why I've wanted a brat in the first place. All of my cars have t-tops... gotta love them t-tops So! My question is how difficult would it be or if it is even REMOTELY possible to put the Gen 2 t-tops on to the Gen 1? Are the roofs similar enough that I can just chop the roof off a Gen 2 and put it onto a Gen 1 or are the windshields and windows a different shape? If the glass will be a problem, then would it be possible to leave just the frames around the windshield and doors and put in the Gen 2 roof/t-tops? If none if that is possible then... how about swapping/grafting the body panels of the Gen 1 on to the Gen 2 frame... or would that best choice from the get go? To close, I repair, restore, and modify cars from mechanical to body to paint for a living and I love it. So no amount of wrenching, cutting, welding, etc is daunting to me. And thanks for taking the time to lend your knowledge!
  10. I need the plastic piece that is just next to the passenger window which is circled in red in my profile pic to the left. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Can anyone sell this to me?!?!?!?!