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Found 5 results

  1. Theres a few questions below. Please feel free to answer any or all of them. Any help is appreciated. I tried to organize the post below I put a lot of the details i know about this car in the intro thread, but some basic info will be included. 95 legacy, 231k, lots of work has been done to maintain the engine and tranny, however i inherited a mess of safety issues. I will bullet my concerns below to keep organized and an easy read. Hopefully this post will keep my spacing inbetween topics. 1)Alternator: just discovered today, but someone had clamped the wires into the terminal connectors with the insulation, this inevitably melted and corroded the wires underneath and caused a short, i jerry rigged it for now, but the terminal bolt is also stripped and will not come off, nor can it be tightened... The alternator is fine otherwise, my question is am i able to replace just the terminal on an alternator? Or am i looking at changing the whole unit :(... Not that its hard, but you gotta hate wasting money because someone sucked at life when installing the current one. 2)Popping noise front passenger wheel area when hitting harder bumps?: I have replaced the rack and pinion, and inner and outer tie rods. The cv axles look fine and have no excessive play or anything. I am between the control arm bushing, which look fine, but not that you can see it, or the ball joint, which looked fine until i caught a specific angle and saw that one side of it is completely bare... The question here is, if it isnt the ball joint, will the control arm bushing become dangerous if failed, it looks like a solid piece with no chance of catastrophic failure unless it becomes unbolted... The driver side ball joint by comparison looks fine and its claimed just that one was repaired within the last yr or 2... With the otherone being at least 40k miles. Maybe older... 3)Steering: The reason why i changed the rack and pinion is because it was shot. Wasnt leaking but there was a lot of free play in the steering, there was alot of free play just pulling on the tie rods themselves, there was definite stiffness in the steering that increased the more it was used throughout a driving session(i.e. lots of turns in short amount of time would cause very notable rise in stiffness). And on hard turns from stop or going slow caused alot of vibration and feedback in the steering... So new one is in and fine, most of the symptoms are gone, but occasionaly i still get that vibrating feedback... Occasionally... And its no where near as severe... My question here is, am i just experiencing some aire in the system and need to rebleed the power steering? Or am i getting a warning sign that the pump is going out? Any other thoughts or suggestions on this question would be appreciated. Thanks for your time... I appreciate any thoughts or advice.
  2. My 99 Legacy L 30th anniversary edition has 300K miles on it, shifter is beyond sloppy. I have not been able to find a shift rebuild kit for the Legacy, I'm wondering if the Impreza kits will fit or if anyone has experience with a Legacy kit. I'm looking for all linkages, arms and bushings. I know the bushings might come together but everything else may have to be ordered seprately.
  3. Hello I have been reading a lot but feel that due to my lack of expertise really need some ONE on ONE answers. I have a 1990 Legacy with most likely some serious bushing problems in the linkage. I was wondering if there was a more permanent solution. Rather than replacing all the bushings is there an upgraded bushing I can buy made of a better longer lasting material? Is there a whole different linkage I can buy to replace the whole thing entirely with an upgrade that performs and lasts longer? If anyone has the whole DIY with pics or a link to it that would be appreciated as well. * I saw for the most part that people were disconnecting up top from inside vehicle then from under by pushing out the 2 push washers or whatever they might be called. People suggested changing the spring, what do you think about that. Is it easier to lower the transmission a bit? Is that possible on this car? If anyone wants me to take pictures of anything I am totally up for whatever it takes to get this shifting right and comfortably again. At times I'm literally not able to shift into 2nd at all. then there will be a straight week with no issues at all. Then I might jerk the car a certain way and maybe bushing falls in the way I have no clue. Thanks all for your time.
  4. Im working on replacing the bushings on my 05 Outback. At first I had trouble removing the control arm from the ball joint (tried both removing the bolt from the pinch knuckle then a beating to the control arm and removing the cotter pin and trying the same beating with a hammer) but I had no luck. Then decided I might beable to finish the job by leaving it in. So I disconnected the control arm from everywhere but the ball joint and was able to remove the old torn busing and the metal ring around it. Now I am having trouble pushing in the new bushing. Does anyone have any ideas on getting the ball joint out? Im going to take both arms to a shop to get them pushed in. I need to have this done by thursday I will be driving back to college.
  5. I just bought a 4-Door 1984 GL Wagon with 164,xxx thousand miles. it runs and drives well, save for the lack of rear differential mount bushings making a racket in the rear end, the engine surging because the distributor is very sloppy, and the oil dripping from the power steering pump. The power steering pump seems to be leaking between it and the reservoir, so I believe I should be able to take it apart and re-seal it, correct? The distributor just needs to be replaced. The bushings I cannot locate for the life of me so I am looking for suggestions on where to get them or if I should make them. The owner I bought it from had just replaced the shocks and struts all the way around, the starter, got new tires, new seats, rebuilt the tranny, and replaced all seals and gaskets for the engine. This is the first Subaru I've owned, and auto parts stores don't seem to have the parts I need to replace, so where do you guys suggest I look? And what else, if anything, should I look into on this car that could be a problem in the future? Thanks for any feedback.
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