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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, having a problem with my 1999 legacy (30th anniversay edition) 2.5l auto. I've had a search through the forums but not seen anything that matches, hopefully someone has had a similar issue! Since I bought it 2 years ago, there's been an intermittent issue with power in the low gears where occasionally i'll go to put my foot down from stopped or from low speed and nothing happens! The car rolls forward but only at <5mph. Theres engine pitch drops which I can only compare to when I accidentally try to pull away on my old bike with the choke still on. 2-3 seconds later the power kicks in and all is well! This happens 1 or 2 days a week and the rest of the time its fine. More recently (3 weeks) I've been getting a short judder when idling, which is worse on a cold startup. This is followed by what feels like slipping when pulling away. Generally fine once into 2nd and above. I've did think it might be the transmission starting to go, but no problems in the higher gears, no slipping going up steep hills/under load (other than when pulling away on a cold start) and gear changes are mostly smooth. ATF is at the correct level and still looks to be in good condition too. Spark plugs are about 10,000m old, air filter was changed 6 months ago. Next step was going to be changing the fuel filter, but by the looks of things I only have an in-tank filter, not one under the hood so I was wondering if anyone here has any ideas of what to try first before I go fiddling around in there! TIA
  2. Hey all, I just bought an '88 DL Wagon 4WD with a manual transmission. I got a few miles and then the engine just quit. It wants to start, but won't. At first, pumping the gas pedal helped to keep it running for a second or two, but now it's not doing a thing for me. The internet has been comically unhelpful, for example: I haven't found reliable information regarding the location of the fuel pump. Is it in the tank, or under the passenger side rear seat? What's the best way to approach it, through the trunk or from underneath? Any and all help, insights, pictures and advice are much appreciated.
  3. Hello subaru-gurus, I recently acquired an 86 GL wagon with 230,000 miles. For a few days after I brought it home, on cold starts in the morning it would fire up but idle at a very low RPM. It would stall, and have to be restarted until it seemed to warm-up and then it was fine. Then one day, after starting it and getting the same start-up symptoms I was driving it down the road and about four miles from my house, it stopped running while driving at 55mph down the highway. I coasted it to the side of the road and attempted to restart it. It presented symptoms similar to those when it was cold started, as described above --- fired but would not stay running or even idle. After repeated attempts, the engine progressively showed no sign of starting. When I dump gas into the open throat of the carb the engine will start for a few seconds and then stall out. On seeing this I changed the fuel filter closest to the gas tank hoping that might be the problem. I attempted to start the engine equipped with the new filter but it would not start. Since the new fuel filter is clear, I noticed that after my prolonged attempt at starting, that almost no fuel had filled the new filter. If the fuel pump is pumping shouldn't all of the excess air in the filter be pumped toward the carb and thus get the air out of the fuel filter? Could my problem be anything else than a bad fuel pump? Cheers, Dave
  4. Hello all, I have a 99 outback with a 2.2l swap. The motor has 180,000 mi, and chassis has 205,000mi. I was having some idling issues, so i replaced the fuel filter. Was easy enough. Put some new gas and an injector cleaner in it. its been a week and still drives like its thirsty. Can someone tell me if i should look at replacing the in tank filter, or am i missing something. Thanks
  5. Hello, Back ground info: I have a 1994 Legacy Wagon. 2.2L, AWD, NA, 200,000 + miles. Conditions: 25 degrees for the past month. Snow on the ground. Recently replaced the Alternator. -- Problem -- Today I started my Legacy and it fired up like always. I drove about 3 miles. Motor warmed up like it should. All was running normally. I pulled into a gas station and filled my tank. Back out on the road, the motor began to run poorly. I could not accelerate, the motor lacked power. The check engine light NEVER came on. As I drove forward the car seemed to buck back and forth, yet the tach remained at a set RPM. Back home, I looked the car over. The car would run and Idle. The exhaust smelled sort of sour. There were some sounds of a miss fire. The motor did not bounce or vibrate as if to be running on 3 plugs. I could rev the motor up to 3K with no complaint. I let the motor cool. Then tried to drive it down the street. The problem had not gone away. Now, the motor will not fire up. When I turn the key to the RUN position, 3 seconds after I get a wild relay clicking sound coming from under the hood. While this sound is happening the fuel line going from the fuel filter to the motor (injectors) is pulsating to match. BUT, the lines coming from the fuel tank are not pulsing. Also, the check engine light comes on and matches the relays click sounds. And the tach needle bounces wildly. The motor will turn over but will not fire up now. I mentioned that I'd changed the alternator, just in case someone might have a connection. I changed the alternator two weeks ago and the car has run perfect since them. Also the cold weather has been on the ground here for the past month or so. I recall replacing the alternator in an icy cold wind storm. The pulsing fuel line from the motor to the fuel filter is a good clue. But I cant find any relay in the area that matches the clicks. I've felt the injectors and they are not making any sound or movement. If you might have a hint, please send it my way. Thanks for reading this. Rog
  6. Attempting to replace the Fuel Filter on a '78 Brat and want to run the fuel out of the line....I took the fuse out from the main breaker (driver's side) labeled "IG ST FUEL" (5th from the top) thinking that would do the trick and disable the Fuel Pump but the car wouldn't run out of gas. This is a brand new car to me and there is a bit of secondary wiring, but is there another trick to turning off the pump that I am missing? Thanks!
  7. Entering the highway, as I tried to get up to speed on a gradual incline, the engine became unresponsive to throttle. After coasting awhile, the engine surged once more, then stalled. As soon as the car coasted to a stop, I turned the key and it started right up. I drove across town on city streets with no sign of the problem. I thought it must be a fuel delivery or electrical problem. I did some checking and came to the conclusion that the fuel filter was likely the original from the factory 23 years and 166K miles ago. If so, it had about 7,500 gallons of gas run through it. Since it was way past due for replacement, I decided to replace the fuel filter, hoping that was the problem. The installation took only 10 minutes because of the convenient location in the engine bay. The lines came off easily, probably because the OEM filter was stainless steel. I have not had further problems, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this was the solution. I recall now that the car had a slight surging in RPM at warm idle. That problem has disappeared too. After the new filter was installed, I was curious about what the inside of the filter looked like. A friend took it in his shop and broke it open. This was not easy because of the heavy gauge steel. The filter medium looked pretty bad. I held a piece of it up to a flashlight to see how much light passed through -- barely any. I have attached photos that show how bad this looked. I hope this was the cause of the stalling problem, and not some other intermittent bug. It's been running fine since the repair 2 months ago.
  8. OK, First thing that happened is my car would die, almost like a belt broke. Didn't matter how fast I was going, it would just die. I immediately put a new fuel filter on....ran OK for a day. I felt what I thought was "clogs" being dissolved, from the fuel treatment I put in when I replaced the fuel filter. However, the next day it started dieing again. Than it died and would not start again. I replaced the fuel filter again, and the fuel pump. I can hear the pump start to work, or at least think I can. Plan on seeing if starter fluid will start her tomorrow...and hoping like hell I can find the relay....Please any advise is soooo very appreciated!!!! I'm on a super tight budget and my kids have sports, I am definitely up sht creek with out a paddle...plus my car is at a gas station parking lot......
  9. I need some help with my car not starting, 2003 Legacy GT 2.5 So on my way to class this morning, my car started right up and took off with no problems. Just as I was about to get to campus, I lost power to the engine and my power steering cut out. I hopped out and pushed it to a side street before trying to start it back up. The radio, dash panel, and headlights still worked fine. I remembered that I had left the dome light on all night and thought that maybe it had drained the battery to the point where it had enough charge for on start, but that doesnt make sense as to why it would just start. I had my room mate pick me up and take me to O'Reilly's so I could get another battery, (When I had my oil changed a couple weeks ago, they said my battery was at the end of its life and I should look into getting a new one) If it didnt fix the problem I still needed a new battery anyways. After we threw the battery in and got everything hooked up, I tried starting it again, and it was the same issue. It would sound as if it were going to turn over like usual for a second, but then it went to a lighter, less guttural starting sound. I had half a tank of gas so its not that. Is it the alternator or would that effect the power to the whole car? I thought it could be the fuel filter needing to be replaced and the engine was just starved of fuel. Any ideas?
  10. How does one change a fuel filter (not the one under the hood) in a 87 subi 3door?
  11. My Loyale, which I finally put on the road less than a month ago, has been going through a million issues, which I fix according to the priority of the problem. But it IS on the road!!! Current problem is reaching urgent. As I try to recall from the '92 I had, it feels similar. I believe I may either have fuel filter blockage, or injectors plugged. It now will hesitate fairly severely going up any type of incline, which I can push it through with more gas, but it kinda feels like a plugged fuel filter. Am doing that today or tomorrow, adding injector cleaner, and will see after that if it is resolved or not...
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