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Found 8 results

  1. How does the rubber piece at bottom of shifter come out? I have new nylon piece to put in.
  2. So I went to swap out my '98 LGT 4EAT back to it's original transmission as I had taken it out to repair (Duty C etc) but I evidently fubar'd the oil pump putting it back in because once it was fully seated it would not turn more than .5-1" But that isn't my issue. When I put the temp trany back into car I can not get the sifter cable to install correctly. Even after putting the inside adjuster screw all the way forward/inward. I still need about a 1/2" further. No man handling to get it to work either. Note this is like the 3 or 4th time installing auto trans into this particular car. I went by the FSM Inhibitor Switch and adjusting guidelines. I looked at the lever assembly and it seems 100% AOK. IE not bent out of shape etc. (though I don't have a picture of one) I'm at a loss.
  3. So as I was shifting into reverse yesterday, my stick just fell off! So there's a little nub left by which I can still shift gears, the end of which is rubber. I can partially put the stick back on it but it is wobbly and I can't get it all the way on. Am I missing a part? I'm thinking trying to force the stick back on with a mallet would be a horrible idea. Car is still running and I can shift gears so it's not the worst thing in the world, but trying to shift the little nub with my fingers is pretty rough and sometimes inaccurate. Anyone had this happen? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  4. 1989 Subaru GL Wagon 4WD Single Range 5spd so i went to the junkyard, picked up the shifter bushings just like i had done to my 93 impreza a while ago, removed some good condition ones and came home, well i did not realize that the one i removed it from was from a 2WD, thats why it was so easy to remove, and now i can't remove mine since Subaru put the bolt in the wrong way, and its in the way of the 4WD knucke that comes out of the transmission, its such an easy project yet so difficult its stupid. i did notice theres i think a roll pin on the piece that connects to the transmission but again, the stupid knuckle is in the way! please don't tell me i have to do this whole elaborate thing and remove almost everything just to change these rubber bushings on a bolt. the shifter is being annoying on the highway and i really want to just fix it. has anyone else had this problem? what did you do? any input is greatly appreciated!! the thing im pointing at is the nut, not the bolt, bolt is on the other side and thats the problem.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm doing some work on my subaru, fixing this and that. One thing that has been bugging me about it is that the stick shift is not so smooth. It is particularly stick in between 1st and 2nd gear. That is to say, you can of need to force it into gear, or sort of use the magic touch. Any ideas what could be wrong, or what I could do to fix it?
  6. Hey everyone, I am starting to prepare for rallycross. I own a 1990 5spd Loyale with an EA82. Car is stock except for Spectre cone filter, fitted to a MAF adapter(3"). Also, the drivers seat is a stock bucket seat from a Nissan 240sx, with rail adapters I made here at home. I also have mudflaps which are custom made. SO, I have a few things to do before I believe this car is ready to go sling mud around. Before anyone says anything, I am aware that this car isn't a "race-ready" vehicle, nor is it really typical for any sort of motorsport event. From what I've read about rallycross, it's about having fun and getting the car out there, not being fast and competitive. Thats what i'm looking for. I don't want to destroy the car, I want to go have fun. I have no problem driving conservatively on the track, and i'm confident that my car will do fine. I'm not out to build some badass screaming turbo race car.. I want to take a virtually stock car and improve my abilities, along with getting a feel for basic motorsports. I would assume everyone on here sees what I mean, but still, I feel like I have to say something. Alright, here is what i have in mind that should get me ready to go play. CAR -Battery tie down(i have none) -set of good tires -relocate AWD button to dash and get aftermarket shift knob -put on skidplate -fire extinguisher -straight pipe with cat ITEMS TO BUY -approved helmet -gloves -SCCA membership -gas can -tarp -jumper cables Questions: 1) Will my aftermarket seat be a problem for the inspection? Custom made adapters had to be made to make the seat fit in my car. It's sturdy, and not anything completely ridiculous. The seatbelt works and is positioned correctly. Other than what I have said, does anyone have any advice or recommendations for me? I would really appreciate it. I'm new to this, obviously. I'm a huge rally fan, and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I'll be participating in Sports Car Club of America events. I'll upload pictures of progress. Thank you guys!
  7. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had info on removing the stock loyale shift knob. I have already gotten the pin out, but i'm not sure how to remove the 4wd button. Inside the knob is a white plastic casing. will the casing remove from the knob, or do I have to cut the knob off around it? I am going to put the button somewhere on the dash or center console, and thread on an aftermarket shift knob. words of advice/pics much appreciated. Thank you subie family!
  8. Hello USMB community! I am 100% new to Subaru's, and well, cars In general so please bear with me as I stumble through this explanation of what happened to my Outback While I was driving, the shifter completely disconnected from the thing it's supposed to be shifting. It's connected at the pivot bushings, but it broke right below that. The shift lever now freely moves up and down off of the drive shaft (i think). I really just need to know what connects to who and maybe a diagram or pic of someone else's assembly would help. Again, i'm new at all of this and am trying to learn as much as i possibly can to have a good , practical basis so that if a problem arises I'm not oblivious (as I am now) as to what's going on. Thanks for any help
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