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The Awesome Older Generation Picture Thread

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On July 1st 1983 the 1.8L 4-door Leone turbo sedan that combined a turbo engine with the FF layout was released. On November 1st, the Leone 4WD height control model (Touring wagon 1.8L, 4-door sedan 1.8L) was released. This model was equipped with a height control function so that the road clearance could be increased from the regular 170 mm to 200 mm during off-road driving with the inbuilt height control feature.

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WTH is up with the BMW badges on that old wagon?  :blink:


What's up with THAT?!?


I might could grasp the rationale IF the power-train or some other MAJOR engineering component were transplanted into the vehicle (5 cyl diesel/ suspension and trans) from a BMW...


Otherwise it is just "Badge engineering" and offends my sensibilities.


Thats not Stateside somewhere, is it?


(checks arsenal for appropriate dispatch hardware, selects Ithaca Model 37 and HP rifled slugs)


really, such a beautiful clean vehicle and look at the lie it is being forced to live.



Tragic...simply tragic...


(rethinks the Ithaca, puts it away and grabs a bar of soap and a sweat sock...)



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A couple after giving Wedge a bath:




And I thought those wheels looked good on your wagon  :slobber:


As far as the wagon with the BMW badges, I remember it being on E-bay a few years back. I don't remember the reasoning behind the badges, but I do remember the car was pretty much stock except for badges, and paint..... 

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1988 Justy article. I still have this exact car that I bought new in 1988. Still runs as good as the day I bought it.


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