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I've sent a couple PM on this topic, but I am looking for an excellent 1981 version of a Subaru Brat that is very stock that I may be able to photograph, to turn into a 3D version for computer games.  I want the 1.8 Ltr, and 4 speed.  Any idea of one of these rare cars hiding somewhere?  PM or reply...  Thanks!

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I work at Turn 10 Studios, makers of the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon games for XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.  At this point, it is a car / truck we are interested in, but where it lands is still to be determined.  We always have to find the car, then start the process, then get the blessing of Subaru... and finally then figure when, where, and if it will go.    The joy is, how often do you see a Subaru Brat in a video game? 

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The trick is finding the car as I need to shoot the phots based on what we'll need.   Its fun... just need to find the right car.

Someone Stateside with be of more help than me no doubt, but what about the Ronald Regan Brat? That has had a thorough ground up rebuild right fellas? 

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