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"Making a safe car that is fun to drive”Improving enjoyment by adding safety.



“In an age where cars are more common and people who don’t drive become the exception, it is imperative that safety issues are not overlooked. Safety testing methods are sure to evolve and in the near future we may even develop cars that can drive themselves. However, I really would feel sad if people lost the enjoyment that you can get from driving. If the focus of such advancement is limited to safety and the car is totally controlled by computer, car lovers would never feel satisfied. I believe that the second generation Leone has achieved a high level of both primary and secondary safety and I hope that this car can deliver the enjoyment of driving freely.”

Mr. Horiguchi realized that no matter how much you focus on safety, you must never forget the feeling the owner will get when driving. From now on, we hope to continue the spirit and enthusiasm of these engineers to create cars that allow the driver to experience the enjoyment of safe driving.

Extract from Cartopia Vol. 89 (Issued September 2nd 1979)

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This was my 73 Coupe. My grandfather bought it new in Simsbury Ct. He gave it to me in 1983 on my 16th birthday. I loved that little car! It unfortunately could not take the abuse I put it thru being young and stupid, and she was retired 2 years later! If anyone knows of a 73 coupe that is for sale, or could be, please drop me a line! Thanks, ray


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