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Could I put a ea71 in a 2nd gen brat

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Depending on what year the EA71 is from, the bell housing could be different.

Earlier EA71s had a top mounted starter position.

Later EA71s had a side mounted starter.

The EA81s (what your 2nd gen brat would have) would use a side mounted starter

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I believe you can interchange the bell housings. Been too long but I’d say yes and also maybe your exhaust may be a tad bit more narrow that the EA81 was. And don’t forget the engine mounts but those you can slip one side in while tilting and then get the second side in (although I may be thinking the reverse swap). 

That EA71 has no water duct on top of the engine, correct ? If no duct I think that’s a plus for you. The earlier “narrow case” has the external water duct. Should be same for your purposes. At that point it’s all about being in the electronic ignition league or not. Your 1800 never had that old points ignition. 

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Thanks for thinking of me @6 Star- I’ve not tried swapping the bell housings to fit a top mount starter EA71 in place of an EA81. 

Another issue to consider is that if you didn’t get the intake manifold for the EA71 you can’t swap the EA81 unit over afaik. 

All the best with it. 



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I have one that I probably should pass on. It’s in Norwich CT if you’re interested in a long winter’s drive. Actually I think there two EA81s and also pretty sure the neither of us here cares too much to keep them. 

Not my property and it’s an hour and and change drive for me but if you want to meet there I’ll be happy to make the time. I can always use to check in up there and there’s a project car of mine there and scattered parts etc from the last time I was there.

There’s an engine crane there to assist loading. 

The one engine I’m sure I can claim I’d be happy with $200 from one of us here. It’s complete. I’ll dig up some pics for you if you email me at moosens@yahoo.com 

I think it’s a price that’ll allow you to spend on the gas. Just a thought. 

And the second EA81 is still attached to a first generation dual range which stays here. The engine is probably available but I’d want to clear it with Scott the owner up there in case he wants it for his Hatchback. That engine has 49k on it and if it sells it’ll be through my hands at $500 because I’ll never see another one that low miles again. It’s a candidate for one of my late 70’s wagons.

Couple of guys have driven up from NC and made out like bandits. I’ve been in purge mode. Only the season had interrupted but the weather is looking blessed today. And in general it looks like mild weather coming. 

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