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    IF you got enough pressure and flow, you could push seals out. A broken dipstick isn't going to have much to catch the wind, unless you have the round part at the handle jammed down the tube. If it's just the metal strip, I'm thinking the air would just slip by it.
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    A fellow in Nashville, TN had the same problem. I was going there for work. I took a SET Crank and Cam pulleys that he needed. Swapped them both over. Set the timing and had it going in under an hour. Fixed the valve cover gasket as well. The shop had pinched it and cut it. Leaked like crazy. Always happy to help a Subaru Owner out.
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    we are not talking about the markings on the front of the cam pulley.. you need to look at the BACK of the cam pulley - there are raised marks that the cam sensor reads to determine when to fire the injectors.
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    @poorboy87 it’s not ignorance, it’s learning I only know of the cam and crank changes because it effected a mate of mine that basically did the same thing you’re doing... Cheers Bennie
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    AE, are you sleeping at night? I wouldn’t be due to pure anticipation! Cheers Bennie
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    Everything I have read on this forum, over many years, points to forget about the Hitachi.
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    If you're going to drive your Sube for a long time, spread the cost of a Weber over the years. For instance, say a Weber is $350 and you can and do drive the car for 7 years (an example). $350 divided by 7 years is $50 a year. Pretty cheap for the power & reliability you get from the Weber.
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    nope, they need to match the ECU expectations, not the block. if the pulleys on the original block have a different pattern, then you need to swap them onto the new block
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    Awesome is probably not the right word... End of the road, awesome buddy.