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    3/16 punch. preferrably a long one. When you put it back together, it will only line up one way, if the roll pin doesn't go back in pretty easily, rotate the axle 180
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    Cool, it works. It is frustrating when you have to replace a new part. Maybe that pump was assembled on a Monday, like the one I got.
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    https://sl-i.net/FORUM/showthread.php?18087-Subaru-Factory-Service-Manuals-(FSM)-Every-Model-USDM-EU manuals
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    Make sure the punch is not small enough to get stuck inside the roll pin! I've read a number of times someone did this, and made themselves a nightmare.
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    Final Word? Probably won't find that. Yes, your car probably came from the factory with Blue, and was probably engineered assuming that it would continue having blue. Does that mean that green will destroy your car? Probably not. My mom's 2012 Impreza has been running green for 150k miles...no problem. Definitely do not mix them, though.
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    Actually I got my name from the 84 Dodge Rampage I had back in the mid 90's. Nice truck, FWD black with gold and silver pin stripes with a cap. I worked for an ISP and wanted a second email address and Rampage popped into my head. Been using it ever since. I started with electrical, electronics back when they used tubes and cars when I was a kid and I still have things to learn. The first vehicle I drove at 8 years old was my uncles Model T pickup. I was 12 or 13 when I rebuilt my first flathead V8 in one of my two 51 Merc coupes. I'll work on the i10 and i11 thing and see what I can find out. Good luck and thanks for the nice comment.
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    Sure thing. I've wondered the same thing and looked before so i knew i could find the source quickly rather than me repeating it.
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    I just finished this journey you went on. Awesome work!!!!