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  1. I can see your point, I don't think I'd let anybody do the same to me either.... As for the cracks, it depends on how deep they go, and how long you're willing to run the car and then have to pull it all back out again to replace once they crack the rest of the way. Welding them is an option, but it would cost around $250 per head to be done correctly.
  2. I bought a new engine for my '86 Gl. I just wanted the heads, but the guy wanted to get rid of the whole engine. He wanted $125 for it all, so I didn't see any reason to not just take the whole thing. I get it home and start tearing it down to get to the heads, get the heads off, and i see cracks between the valves So I basically made a $125 mistake, but its a mistake I sure wont make again... next time I'm in the same situation I'm dissassembling it right then and there, before I pay. Anywho. I'm still looking for heads. My subi is an '86 stock carbed ea82 non turbo. I live in the Seattle, WA area. If anybody is trying to sell some good heads they should hit me up
  3. This thread makes me wish I still had my old brat. It looked just like the OP's with 3rd eye, t-tops... it just didn't have the brush guard, or the "brat" decals.
  4. Rislone (don't know if thats spelled right) will fix sticky lifters and quit the ticking.
  5. Sweet, I'll just comment around on all the awesome stuff that people have done on this site Thanks for the welcome!
  6. "You may post new threads You may post replies You may not post attachments You may edit your posts" Does anybody know how long it will be until i can post attatchments? At first i couldn't post threads or reply to them, but then i got the confirmation email etc etc... will i have to get another email or something?
  7. Hi i'm new to being a member of this forum, but have been following it as an outsider for a while now. I have a suber-project of my own going right now, and have drawn a lot of inspiring ideas from this website. My current project is a 1986 Subaru GL wagon. Its 5 speed manual with dual range 4wd. The engine is all tore down and I'm in the process of getting some new heads for it. I just bought the car about a month ago and i'm finally getting into it now. Before this car i had a '82 gl brat. I had it for a day and realized that it would be a lot more work than i was willing to do, so i sold it. It had the t-tops and 3rd eye and dual range 4wd, just like pretty much all the gl's. I was sad to see it go but i knew i was saving myself some headache. My first car, and the car i still have besides my new one, is an '88 gl wagon. This one is just a 3 speed auto with push button 4wd. I have quite a few engine tear downs under my belt, 1 ea81 teardown and rebuild, and about 4 or 5 ea82 teardown and rebuilds. My dad had an old ea81 wagon, and has had quite a few ea82 cars; hence the reason i have so much experience with these cars. I live, eat, breathe subaru. Once i figure this forum all out i'll be sure to post some pictures of all the cars. Happy to be a part of this community -Chad
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