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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there! I've been slowly but surely fixing up and improving on my 1991 Legacy, and one thing I have been very keen on doing is getting cruise control set up and working. As far as I can tell I have acquired all the necessary pieces and parts but I have had a persistent problem where when I hit the cruise button I can hear my relays click, the light will come on, but it will not stay on when I release the button. Parts I have installed include the cable and vacuum components under the hood, the cruise computer (AT) behind the glovebox as well as its two associated relays, the cruse button itself, the 4 wire brake switch, and the cruise lever on the steering wheel. The only thing that's not stock and standard is the cruse lever which is part of the 2003 Outback wooden Momo steering wheel that I acquired at the junkyard. Connector was different but all the wire colors were the same so I spliced it in to a factory connector and hooked it up. (Horn works but no idea if maybe this switch has different internals that are upsetting the system?) At this point I am sort of at a loss as to what else I could possibly try to do. Is there a sensor that I need to add that I just don't know about? I know that some of the newer Subarus have a speed sensor but I am not sure that applies to the 91. I also know that on newer cars a CEL will cause the cruse not to function. I have a constant code 45 related to an atmospheric pressure sensor I guess? Haven't been able to figure out why that code has persisted, it popped up after I did a transmission swap a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to get it to go away. I have read that the sensor in question is actually inside of the ECU, so I picked one of those up today and will be testing it out tomorrow I think.
  2. Like the title states - I have a 2008 Impreza (auto trans) with a cruise control problem. After about 5 to 10 minutes of driving the cruise stops working and the "cruise" light flashes until I turn the car off. Wait few minutes for it to reset. Wash, rinse & repeat. I've read several other threads with similar symptoms. But mine -There's no check engine, or other idiot lights in conjunction with... Plugged my scan tool in anyways (just in case) and it says everything is ok. Clearly not. Any Ideas? Thanks!
  3. 2012 Outback 2.5, approx: 75,000 miles. She was driving on the highway about 40 miles into a 65 mile trip. Check engine light and traction light came on, Cruise and Brake warning lamps started blinking. Apparently these lights normally come on all at the same time when the ECU sets a code of some sort. Seems excessive to me. Scanned it and got a P0456 - Evap System Very Small Leak. Checked the gas cap and it was on and tight. Removed it and checked the seal, and there was a fine silvery layer of what looked like lead all the way around the seal. In some spots it was fairly heavy. Wiped it off with a rag and some light degreaser, also wiped around the filler neck where the seal makes contact. Reset the code and drove it about 30 miles while watching the monitors with my scanner and got the evap monitor to set about 5 minutes after I got on the highway. Rescan showed no new codes. Going to keep an eye on it and see if it pops up again. This seems to be a common occurance with these newer cars, and it looks like most people just replace the gas cap. Wondering if simply cleaning the seal on the gas cap is something that could be done periodically to prevent this problem.
  4. I am swapping cruise control into an '01 Legacy L / Brighton, and I need some help troubleshooting the completed install. What I've done so far: - Install cruise main switch, steering wheel controls, actuator and cruise computer - Wire cruise actuator through firewall to cruise computer - Wire cruise computer to all respective wires in the vehicle according to the wiring diagram (this was quite a procedure) - Wired in new 4-wire brake and clutch pedal switches and confirmed it has continuity when no pedals are pressed - Tested and verified all switches, bulbs, ignition power sources, etc - Then I plugged in the cruise module and tried it out, and the light on the cruise control main switch will not come on when I press it (I'm assuming it means 'enable the cruise system'). - I have checked fuse 18 and 15, and backprobed all points from the switch and the bulbs to check that the module genuinely isn't responding, but is otherwise powered. My issue is as follows: The cruise enable switch on the dash does not light up when pressed. Bulb works, switch works, power goes to the cruise module, what else do I check?? UPDATE The cruise module wasn't enabling because the sub-switch output to pin 10 of the cruise module was wired at connector B68 by wire-color and not by pin number. On my particular vehicle (Legacy Brighton L), the wire colors on the steering-wheel side of that harness are incorrect and/or mislabeled in either the vehicle or the wiring diagram. Doing this by pin number means that the cruise module now powers on, and the correct 12v signal is seen at the module when the set, resume and cancel buttons are operated, respectively. The issue now is that it will not set cruise, when driving over 40km/h - the switches do not do anything. I need to troubleshoot whether something is inhibiting the cruise system from setting, or whether it is trying to set the cruise, but the actuator is not working. Any ideas are welcome. Please let me know what you guys think is the best next-step to take to get this working. Some photos of the progress Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5
  5. Hello again, I recently went on a trip out of town to find that my cruise control wasn't working. Light comes on when the button is pressed but the stick doesn't do anything. It was a bit sticky but the temperature was about -40c overnight so I wasn't surprised and it seemed to loosen up a bit after a couple hours. I haven't had to use it in months so I'm not exactly sure when it stopped working. However, as some may remember I recently replaced my alternator and may have knocked something loose. Also, on the same trip, my check engine light came on (Upstream O2 sensor - P0130). This is the only light that came on that shouldn't be. I was a little slow getting on this as the cruise control is not something I use often but since I'm going to be needing it next week I'm hoping to get it fixed. The O2 sensor I need to get around to ordering but my repair manual lays it out pretty straight forward for replacing. I've been reading through the forum and my repair manual to figure out what to check. Tomorrow I'm going to check to see if the horns, signals, brake lights work to see if they could point to other issues causing the CC to stop function. I'll check the fuses for the cruise control. I'll check the sensor on the brake pedal as many people seem to have issues with the plastic coming off and affecting the sensor. (The brakes have been pretty stiff on a couple cold days. I'm thinking my hammering on them to stop may have damaged the plastic bit.) I'll check the vacuum hose attachment on the firewall and try to follow that back to wherever it goes to make sure it looks good. I believe I know which hose to look for but I can't seem to find a diagram on the Internet anywhere or in my repair manual (Haynes). I had a look earlier at the cables for the accelerator (one for the gas pedal and one for the cruise control I'm guessing, side by side). The one going directly back to the firewall had a bit of play in it is this normal? Does anyone else have any other suggestions as to what to check? Since it's pretty cold out there and dark by the time I get home I'm hoping to cover as many bases as possible in one go. Thanks!
  6. Howdy. We have a 1999 Legacy Outback in overall good working order (it has a rebuilt motor less than 3 years old which runs great). When I depress the lever and engage the cruise control - the car goes into cruise control, but slows 4 to 6 miles per hour, depending on the overall speed. It will then hold that speed just fine. To cruise at 65 mph, I would have to engage it at 70 or 71 to allow for the slow down. It is bothersome to say the least. Is this going to be a computer problem, electrical, or more mechanical - like a bad CC unit in the steering column ? Any other ideas would be great. Is this something a garage can electronically diagnose? Thanks, Craig
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