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Found 8 results

  1. 98 obw 2.2 251k. AC has not worked in years. System has been evacuated and open for a long time. I was going to replace compressor only until I saw black sludge like oil dripping from the compressor and metal bits. Tried to flush all components and it was fruitless. One thing led to another and I found myself replacing everything including hoses when bolts snapped. I am hear to tell you that you can remove the evaporator in 30 minutes. No you do not need to remove the dash.
  2. 2003 Outback Limited EJ25, built for Canada in May of 2002. 165,000 miles. I cleaned and flushed the cooling system in March 2016. Then drained the block, radiator, heater core, etc. and removed the freeze plugs, all hoses, thermostat, temperature sender, etc. to dry the system out. Now ready to install new hoses and Evans coolant plus dozens of other preventative maintenance items. Was at the dealer last week and overheard someone say that it's hard on the head gaskets to let them dry out like that. Do not even think of putting it back together. Replace the head gaskets, guaranteed to have an issue with the head gaskets. I wish I had a chance to engage in the conversation. The head gaskets were replace in April, 2011 around 110,000 miles. It appears they are the Subaru brand. All other parts are Subaru. Have not found any aftermarket parts, including filters on the Outback. Is this a myth, a rumor, or a fact that I should continue deeper into the engine and replace the head gaskets? http://www.evanscoolant.com/ http://www.discountoeparts.com/genuine-subaru-parts
  3. Neither of my soobs get close to the miles of use 'normal' folks get. But, in Texas, rubber and fluids DO go bad with time. The wife's 2003 H6 OBW has it's original hoses. Only 93K miles, but 13 years old. Just wondering if you guys think a burst hose is imminent or if I can somewhat reliably get a few more years out of them? Do they burst/split, or usually 'pinhole' ? And, If I were to preemptively replace hoses, should I change just the large rad hoses? or rad and heater....what would you change? Is Gates OK or would you spring for OEM ?
  4. When did you guys experience your radiator/heater hose failures? Will those hoses last 15 years? 20 ? my wife's car is only at about 80K miles, but the hoses are 13 years old!
  5. found the leak, its dripping about a quart every couple hours. the leak is in the lower of the 2 heater hoses (that come off the block and go through the firewall). not the one with the screwcap in the middle. what I am wondering is: can I just replace the hose and try to catch the fluid as it drains from the block and heater core (guessing this will be a mess), or do I need to drain the whole system. I am not lazy, it is just really cold out, and I do not have a shop or garage so will be laying on a mat underneath the car, and am also concerned that if I flush it, I risk creating more problems - it is 30 years old. and this is my first time dealing with this part of the car - be nice if it didn't take all day. one other question: when I start the car, I can hear what sounds like ice cubes clicking around under the dash. I was thinking that I had ice moving around in there because my mix was off, but now am wondering if it is a pile of metal flakes. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!
  6. Hi All! ... ... Please Correct me if I'm Wrong, this is for my EA82 Wagon. if I Have a PCV Setup like This one... (This Awesome Clean EA82 Engine Belongs to Kanurys) ...and my EA82 is Blowin' Oil thru the PCV setup, I Must install an Oil Catch Can, Right? Recently I Obtained an Oil Catch Can that Looks similar to This one: The Questions Are: Should I Hook it Between the Driver's side Head Hose and the PCV intake Valve, isn't it? The Passenger's Side Hose Doesn't need any Oil Catch Can 'cos it will only "Suck" Air from the Air Filter's Box, at the Carb... isn't it? Any Suggestion, advice or Idea will be Greatly Appreciated. Kind Regards.
  7. Does anyone know where I could get the pressure hose for the power steering for my 1998 Impreza?
  8. Okay, I give... What is the name of the little iddy biddy hose that runs from the underside of the thermostat housing to the intake manifold on my EA82. Anyone got a part number for it? My NAPA guys can't seem to find the part I'm looking for. They said they had it but the one they gave me is the 5/8" 90 degree hose from the pump to the heater. Anyone got a part number handy for this little item?
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