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A thread for twitch. (I love my Jeep)


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Been running with the open gears for some time, I mean I have had the truck almost 8 years. Time to lock up the rear and get some better gears. Just put some goodies on the credit card. Time to "bolt on" some goodies. The front axle could use a nice rebuild too, andso it shall get it. Just got off the internet with Marlin.

Order #: 16022
Order Date: 07/14/2011 - 10:44

Products on order:
1 x Crossover Steering Stabilizer -
2 x Heavy Duty Pinion Seal -
1 x High Steer Kit for Hilux -
1 x Front Axle Service Kit -
2 x 4.88 ring and pinion -

All of that will be on the truck by the beginning of August. :banana: :banana:

Will finish the paint and cammo it like no other pattern you've ever seen. :)


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The entire front of it is tan now, I'll do another Eddie VanHalen on the hood.

Here it is a few days ago.

Oh, did I mention that it'll get a locker for the front too? heheheehehehehe


(is that an ifs box in that box in the back or are you just happy to see me?) :banana:



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Last of the goodies showed up, I'll drop it off today. hehehe


Paint's all but done, I need to black out the chrome on the grill. Let teh truck be a few colors, I don't mind, actually dig it.

Have a sweet jdm (lol) HILUX badge to cover the one on the grill.





My earliest pic of it below.

And yes, 8 years. Nuts, I've never had a vehicle NEAR as long. I think I had the green and silver imp wagons for 3 years each. . .



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Well, got to take it up to Evans Creek and see if lockers and gears are all they're cracked up to be. Yes. They are. Got to go up the big rock face on lower 311, went up it like it was nothing, didn't spin a tire. Did a bunch of trails, had a blast.


T'was the frist time my truck ever gave me crap. The alternator died on the way up, changed it out in the parking lot while waiting for my front gears to cool. (break in time) No biggie.


After all sorts of trails, I started hearing a random clank. Turns out, one of the rear leaf springs broke. The broken side turned inwards, bounced and popped a hole in my gas tank. :eek: So we limped it back to Ken's, drained the tank, and patched it with some good old jb weld. All better.







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The knuckes were NASTY before the front axle got rebuilt. Nasty.



Trail Gear has a set of decently priced doors, but we only get such a small amount of hot enough days to take the doors off that it doesn't seem worth almost 300 (shipped).



On top of the fact that I have a tubing bender....Looks good.cheers

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